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The Freedom Tower is just one building replacing twin towers

The Oculus Building contains a huge shopping centre underground

Interior of 9/11 Museum concourse area

Twin Towers dedication plaque

Reflection Pool South

Survivor Tree

Remains of a Fire Engine

Remains of a stairway exit

Headed Downtown to the old Twin Towers area and to the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Such a beautiful area now with the twin fountains marking the footprints of where the North and South towers used to stand. The names of all victims and their part in the tragedy are inscribed around the edge of each fountain, i.e. Fire Department, passengers on one of the flights, workplace. Quite sobering to visit and wandering around the precinct before our 11.30 am entry time. The survivor tree is a pear tree as opposed to white oak trees planted around the area. This tree was found at the site as a charred trunk with broken branches but it still showed signs of growing. It was apparently removed before rebuilding works to a specialist nursery and nursed back to health to be replanted next to one of the fountains. Such a beautiful peaceful area to wander around in and reflect but I cannot quite understand the need to build a whopping great high end underground shopping mall under the building called The Oculus.

Finally entered the Museum and walked around the very understated area which contained bits and pieces of the building fragments, old exit stairs that remain, photo gallery of all the victims, a short movie showing the rebuilding of the new towers.

This was in stark contrast to the actual Museum space which we had to queue up for but got into fairly quickly. Although it had a timeline of events, the exhibits to me seemed all crammed into the one space with hundreds of people all trying to view the same board. It was certainly not designed for a fluid movement of people through the exhibitions and I came out feeling that I had missed seeing so much in an hour that we spent in there but it just was not possible to see it all.

Certainly was a horrible day in New York's history but the resulting area is beautiful and a fitting memorial for those who died or were injured and are permanently scarred by the events of the day.

Worked up a hunger with several hours of contemplative browsing and need to find a suitable lunch venue in the Financial District. Ruled out Starbucks and came upon "America's Finest Deli". All ordered ourselves different sandwiches which were all enjoyed greatly before making our way further down around Battery Park to view the lady herself, the Statue of Liberty. Not a good time of day to get a colourful look at her as she appeared as a distant silhouette. All of us had actually visited Liberty Island and Ellis Island on previous visits so not worth spending a whole morning going through all the security stops to visit her again. I feel she looks better from a distance anyhow.

Walking through Wall Street, I was surprised at the number of tourists queued up to take photos. When we actually passed the statue I understood the reason why - it is obvious from his very bright and shiny testicles that holding them evokes good luck. Whatever makes them happy about their visit to Wall Street I guess.

Having spent the whole day riding the subway and walking, feet were starting to ache and we were all getting weary. Made it back to the apartment eventually exhausted. Vanessa and Brodie decided to go out to a nearby restaurant for dinner whilst I collapsed into bed at 8.30 pm and Eloise not hungry. Another day of walking planned for tomorrow.

Goodnight all,

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