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Woke up with a start with Dorothy telling me it was 9:30 and our driver from Rome to Citavecchia was coming at 10:30. No problem, skip the shower, get dressed and presentable, grab a quick breakfast, pack, checkout all in less than an hour. Got our driver who could barely speak English and spent the next 70 minutes in silence on the drive. Got on the cruise ship and the started looking around. No Bartender named Jonas on board today so skipped the drinks. Had lunch with a couple (Allen and Anne) from down under and a couple (Cindy and Bob) who lived half the year in Chicago and half a year down under. Walked around some More to explore the ship. Had supper with a couple (Bruce and Gail) from Abbotsford and half a couple (John - his wife was resting) from San Antonio. Gail welcomed us to the ship of old people as she called it. Supper was good. John excused himself saying he had to go check to see if hide wife was still alive. Well he was quite a bit older than us but we hoped it was a joke. I am guessing it was because that was three hours ago and we are still sailing. Finished the night with an entertaining show, a walk in the upper deck to look at the stars and then a quick game of ping pong for which Dorothy was no match. No pictures tonight.

Until next time.

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