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Today we had a nice relaxing breakfast in our hotel. Made sure to eat enough to get us through a long day. First we walked to the Flavian Amphitheatre also know as the Colosseum to meet our tour guide for the Collosseum and Roman Forum. The Colosseum was pretty impressive and has been standing since AD 80. The Colosseum held 60,000 spectators for people to watch Gladiators battle in the arena. By the way, arena means sand, so the next time your hockey team seems to be standing still perhaps they don't know how to play in sand. The Colosseum is made of travertine and had someMarble embellishments. Of course much of the marble and other embellishments were stripped by the church for use in the Vatican after the fall of the Roman Empire.

The arch of Constantine stands between the Colosseum and the The Roman Forum commemorates a military victory and a the acceptance of Christianity by the Roman Empire. The Roman Forum is the birthplace of Rome and is built in a small valley that is close to the Colosseum. Lots of really, really old stuff here.

From there we moved onto Piazza Venezia and saw the Victor Emanuel Monument a tiny 200 ft high and 500 ft wide white marble edifice dedicated to the first king of Rome. Built to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the country's unification.

From the monument we made our way to the Pantheon (again) which was overrun with people because it was Sunday and the Vatican was closed. Presumably nobody had anywhere else to go.

Finally our tour ended at Piazza Navonne where we once again we saw the four rivers fountain. A fountain that represents the 4 corners of the world as known in Baroque times, Europe; Africa; Asia; and Americas.

We end our tour there and then headed off to a restaraunt recommended by our tour guide. Sat with a couple from Chicago during lunch and they ended up buying us lunch. Very nice, but still won't cheer for the Blackhawks. We then made our way back to our hotel.we visited the Roman National Museum and the museum of the Diocletian baths. The latter was a bit disappointing as we did not see any of the baths, just the buildings they were in and a lot of funerary monuments. The museum was mostly marble and bronze statuary. Boy we're those guys talented.

Finally we returned to our hotel and decided to eat dinner there. Wow, expensive! Spent more there for supper than we had for all our meals before then combined.

Tomorrow off to Citavechia to cath the cruise ship.

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