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Grand Pre National Historic Site

Acorn tree

Amazing stained glass

Scot's Bay beach



Happy October! We spent the last day of September in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. It was a cold 8 degrees when we left the campground with picnic lunch in hand. Off we went to Grand Pre National Historic Site to learn about the Acadians. There is still so much of our history we have not discovered. After a half hour movie we walked the grounds that the Acadians called their home in the 1600's and then were 'deported'. The Memorial Church was built in 1922 and the stained glass was inserted in 1985. For you history buffs, it is a good time to goggle!

Then we drove through Wolfville, yup, no stops in this tourist trap! Actually we were sorry we did not plan for more time in the area as there was lots to do and see! Just the wineries in the area would get me back! Oh well, we cannot do it all. So we kept driving to Scot's (Scott's) Bay to see the tide go out and walk the beach. My rock collection is growing!

A stop at the Lookoff.....where we got to admire the amazing amounts of different colours of green that the fields and trees offered. And the water of the Bay of Fundy. One thing about the Maritimes, you do not have to go far to see water! The colours of fall are slow but after the dipping temperatures the last few days that may change.

Mel does not seem to tire of driving, yet, so we went continued on to Digby! It is almost ten years to the day that we were in Digby with our good friends Dale and Colleen. No scallops this time....we stuck to the status quo....fish and chips. If you are counting that is the third time. Yum!

So it is time to move on. We will be starting to make our way to New Brunswick tomorrow.

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