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Hey guys so its getting closer to midterms and Fall Break. This week went very fast. Monday always goes fast due to I only have one class, Tuesday went faster than normal due to we watched a movie in the last class and Wednesday went slower than normal but still pretty fast. I received my midterm assignment for my capstone class and it was due Saturday. I had a presentation on Tuesday for my heritage class and that went well still waiting on the grade tho. Thursday was AWESOME. We went to a more modern area of Rome that was created by Mussolini and there are at least 3 really cool museums. I have never been in that area and it wa so nice. The museum was HUGE. We went into the laboratory part and discussed skeletons and it was deja Vu all over again... for me. We looked over animals bones and a male skeleton from the medieval period. Throughout the wee i had visited the writing center so they could help me begin my paper for Egyptian. I had changed my topic or the direction I wanted to go so many times. I finally have it settled and now just have to get phase 1 written and turned in.

Friday Haley and I got up early and went to Tivoli for the afternoon. We went to a place called Villa d'Este and it was soooo pretty. Mom you would have loved it. Talk about gardens... OMG. I will post pictures. After that we went to a park called Villa Gregoriana and it was also super cool. Sadly Hadrians villa has nothing on these two places. Sure it has history but these two places together are miles Prettier than Hadrians Villa. Glad Haley suggested we go because I really loved it. Don't tell her tho ;) After we came back from Tivoli I had received a call from a friend inviting us to a BBQ with her friend. At first Haley and I weren't to interested due to how far it was but when we arrived, it was nice. The Italians were so nice and included us in playing soccer with them. I haven't played soccer in the longest time, but as usual my competitive instinct kicked in and away I went. Being a basketball player, I used my hands and got called on it but I did miss playing sports.

Today I am working on my presentation for Capstone tomorrow and studying for my midterm on Tuesday which is multiple choice and an essay.

I still need to finish my application for grad school. All i have left is to attach my resume, which I am working on through the school, and just do the 250 word essay.

I will post pictures from Friday.

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