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Crossing the Avon River, near Windsor, NS. All the bridges seem to...

Michelle takes a picture of the monument that lists both Pitre and...

Michelle in another set of Canada 150 red chairs, at Grand Pre...

Mike trying to call the ducks so Michelle could get a picture...

Lunch was at the Noodle Guy in Wolfville, soooo good!

Safely parked for the next two nights at Nicole and Ang's beautiful...

Today was a short day as we drove to Grand Pre Historic site just over an hour away. This area was the original home of the Acadians, the earliest settlers in Canada from the 1600's. And as it turns out, where the families of both Michelle and Mitch (our daughter's husband) originated from. Both their families were one of the first 50 in the area. Michelle was looking at a map on the wall showing where some of the families lived back then and she found her family name and then the sales girl came up and said that she was also a Pitre... her and Michelle are cousins (well, sort of)... go figure. And then looking at the old map again, just down the road is the Melanson homestead... so what could go wrong? Well that only makes us wonder... Mitch and Monika - cousins?

Lots of interesting information at the site. There were examples of how the Acadians used dykes around the meadows and invented automatic drains that emptied the fields at low tide to create fertile farm lands. One of the drains on display was from circa 1640 found on the Melanson farm. And then there were walls of information on how the Acadians were deported from Nova Scotia to all over North America. A lot of history that some how seems so much more relevant when it involves your family.

From the Historic site we drove on to Nicole (Michelle's brother's daughter, our niece) and Ange's restaurant - The Noodle Guy in Wolfville, and had a wonderful lunch while we watched those two hustle during meal time in the kitchen and we listened to live local toe tapping music in the dining area.

We've stopped our trip for a few days to stay with Nicole and her partner Ange. They live just a few minutes from the historic site and it's interesting to realize that Nicole has moved back here from Ontario and is now living almost in the exact same area that a part of her family started from 400 years ago.

In a couple of days we will be moving on to catch the Yarmouth ferry to Maine, but on the way, we will stop and search out more info on the Melanson and Pitre homesteads and the area around Port Royal.

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