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St. Peter's Basilica

Inside St. Peter's Basilica

The holy door opened every 25 years

Art in the Vatican museums

St. Peter,s square

The Swiss Guard. MichaelAngelo was a fashionista. Who new


The dome in the Pantheon

Trevi fountain

Spanish Steps

Our hotel on the left with a nice fountain the middle of...

Long day of travel yesterday. Flight to Rome from Amsterdam delayed 2 hours. Arrived at our hotel at 5:00 pm (9:00 AM Alberta time so about 12 hours after we left Edmonton. Immediately went to see the Trevi Fountain which was about a 15 minute walk from our hotel. Wow was it crowded. Kind of hard to judge the beauty of the fountain when you couldn't get close.

This morning we took an early 7:30 AM entrance tour to the Vatican to beat the crowds. So did every one else in Rome it seemed like. Rushed through the Vatican museum to get to the Sistine Chapel. Not exactly what I expected. I thought the Chapel would be domed like St. Peter's Basilica but it is actually a rectangular space. The art on the ceiling by Michealangelo was incredible and very hard on the neck to look at. Seems Michaelangelo had a sense of humour in some of the scenes, particularly the making of the sun and the moon, where God is painted from both a front and rear view and from the rear he is mooning the faithful.

After the Sistine Chapel we went back to the museums. It is estimated to take 12 years to view all of the artifacts in the museums and we had about 60 minutes, so just about enough time with about a million people in each room. One Museum had a statue of a Pope that looked like Bill Clinton and another had a painting including a Cardinal who had a stunning resemblance to Sylvestre Stallone. The art and artifacts are obviously priceless.

Finally on this tour we went into St. Peter's Basillica, the largest church in the world, apparently. It was beautiful. Hard to put it in words, but it is the finest church I have ever seen.

After we left the Vatican we walked back to our hotel slowly, very slowly. We passed through Piazza Navona which has three wonderful fountains dating from the 16th century. Made our way to the Pantheon, built in AD 120 as a temple for the Roman gods, but has been a Christian Church for since the fall of the Roman Empire. After the Pantheon we hoofed over to the Trevi Fountain ( still very crowded - doesn't anyone ever go home?). Then up the 178 Spanish Stairs and back to the hotel. All in all about 5 hours of walking after we left the Vatican. We got lost a few times as well. All of this in 31 C temperatures.

Tomorrow the Collosseum and Roman Forum and likely quite a lot more walking. Fortunately the forecast tomorrow is only 23 C. Oh, that was also the forecast today. Apparently the weatherman here are no more accurate than at home.

I will post some photos once I get them downloaded from the cameras. That could be this time next year, but I hope a lot sooner than that.

Till tomorrow then.

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