2017 Milena with Campbells & Bareboat Bora Bora travel blog

Gouvia Marina, Corfu (last day for me)

. Preparing Nelson for vet

..Putting Nelson in his carrier

...Nelson really does not want to go in his carrier

.... Packing of stuff. And Nelson is very aware of what is...

Nelson relaxing in the galley

Readying to go

Marina preparing my last lucnh

Luncheon table is set

OUr last lunch mom Milena for this season

Just enjoying being together, in the relief of rain (Temporarily)

And the packing goes on

Our llast G/T time together in Milena

G/T and working in progress

Burning candles at both ends

Nelson knows something is going on

Yes, this is me... I am going, too.

Nelson so loves his mama

:-( :-(THe last day in Milena is always hard for me, but I am so blessed to have had such a beautiful time with my family, watching them each have a wonderfully fun time and never to be forgotten adventure. These memories are what dreams are made of. :-) :-) :-) <3 <3 <3

This is Nelson's day to see the vet and get his travel papers which will take him from Greece, to his winter home in Chateau Letard. Watching Marina trying to gently coax Nelson that this is the very right thing to do.





While his "mama" and "papa" are running hether and yon.... Nelson just hangs out in the galley for an early morning stretch, totally happy to have his trip to the vet be over.

"Robin, you know Nelson had a great trip to the vet this time. He didn't even bite doctor, while his checkup was going on! He is such a gooooooood cat!!!!" Marina happily boasted about her beloved Nelson.

Milena has heaps and piles of everything going/staying... and bigger stacks of the "unsures".


Poor Marina was having a total disjointed day. She not only had to pack for herself, and Nelson, but also the bigger one, who has no idea of what to take where, or even know where to find the whatevers that he should take, and need, much less not to forget.

Marina, viens ici maintenant. J'ai besoin de ton aide"

Jacques on the other hand -- also hand his hands full. A lot of the things he was doing -- he could NOT doing alone.

--Taking the big over deck shade down, folding it and storing.

--Hoisting the dinghy out of the water, and lifting it for storage on top of the glass hatches about the salon

-- Folding and storing on the mizen.

-- plus a half dozen other things.

All Marina kept hearing evertime she would start on something of. Her own:

"Marina, viens ici maintenant. J'ai besoin de ton aide", Jacques would yell from wherever he was on the boat.

"Oh, no!! ..... not again... Honestly, how am I suppose to get anything done!!" She grumbled in an exasperated , angry voice"...... "Oui, Jacques, I am coming".

She would drop her piles, and thoughts of whatever she was doing, and run to help Jacques.

On her return, from 5 minutes to an hour later she would spit out...

"Oh, that man! Honestly I can get nothing done! He needs me to do everything for him all the time, and right now!!!!"

As Marina was starting to prepare the lunch that Jacques asked her to do....


"Marina, viens ici maintenant. J'ai besoin de ton aide" Jacques would yell again

At that point she would stop doing the lunch -- and go help Jacques do whatever he needed help with.

I kid you not -- this went on all afternoon. I lost count of how many times Jacques had called for her help at 27 times!

No wonder Marina can not get anything done!

The whole of Milena is in iwhat seems to be an internal and external turmoil.... And time goes on.

Finally it is G/T time.... Well, this particular G/T time had a totally different twist. I was sitting at the salon table alone, amongst all the turmoil watching my dear friends engilfed in total chaos -- and there was nothing I could do.



We all were supposed to have our last super at Olympia Mare.... but as the work was not done, and Marina and I were not hungry.... we cancelled that idea. Now Jacques-- he is always hungry.... so as Marina kept busily trying to get things done.... and gulping a G/T when she had time..... Jacques started fixing himself something to eat... I ate so much for lunch -- there was no way I could eat again now.

Nelson was very alert and cognoscenti of all the goings on, so he going through his internal emtional separations as well.

. Nelson seems to h=be helping Marina and Jacques, by just loooking at them, and saying..... 'don't forget me'.

Jacques went to bed right after he cleaned and devoured leftovers out of the frig. " Bon Nuit " Jacques said about 9:30p.m. Thank you, Robin. I go now for bed."

The dinner hour had long elapsed, 11:30p.m., and Marina is still going full throttle.

She poured herself a brandy (on the go), and me a Grand Mariner... we toasted to the day.

"Thank God Jacques has gone to bed..... I can not get things done!!" She sounded relieved that she was going to be left alone, but somewhat in a panic as well knowing what she had left to do.

A little before midnight, Knowing there was nothing I could do, but leave her alone so she could concentrate, and get things done, I said goodnight to my dear Marina.

Our alarms are set for 3:00a.m., cab is picking us up at 4:30a.m.-- place to Athens at 6:40a.m.

Bon Nuit!......


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