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Our Self-Guided Tour Group of Johnson Grove

Tour Group in Burnt Redwood in Lady Bird Johnson's Grove

Kathleen at Twin Tree

Kathleen at Hollow Tree

Branch of Redwood showing small needles

Enjoying Banana Cream Pie Slice

Campsite View at Elk Prarie Campground

Martha a base of large Redwood in campground

Resting Elk in Elk Prairie Meadow

Male Elk

Elk Group in Meadow

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Burnt Redwood Tree in Lady Bird Johnson Grove

September 26 – Visit to Lady Bird Johnson Grove

The ranger did not show up for the walking tour of the Lady Bird Johnson Grove so 7 of us used the laminated descriptions of the 18 areas of interest in lieu of the guide.

The folks in our group were from Bristol, England, Tennessee, N. Carolina and us snowbirds. We took turns reading the descriptions and sharing our experiences in other national parks and gave advice on what to see in parks that the group had yet to visit.

For Kathleen’s HOA officer’s meeting this afternoon, we drove south a couple miles to Orick to search for AT&T cell phone service and found it and a café with good food including homemade banana cream pie.

I stayed with Martha while Kathleen conducted her HOA meeting in Orick in the park headquarters parking lot in the shade with 4 bars of AT&T. The meeting went well.

After supper, we visited the campground’s meadow to watch the male’s herd of 2 females munch on grass. There was an attempted mating but the interest was not shared by both parties.

We have changed Martha’s diet. She is now getting cooked, well done, low-fat hamburger in juice. At 3 AM, after she goes out to pee, she gets a Pepcid AC so that she does not yak at 6 AM. She has had no problems since we started using this process. It has not resulted in her stopping her annoying whining when she has a need. : )

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