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Martha's new diet - cooked, low fat hamburger (bem passado)

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Elk in Elk Prairie Meadow near campground

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Redwood in our campsite

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Redwood at our campsite

September 25 – Travel to California’s Redwood Elk Prairie Campground

More 20 MPH curves and construction on our way south from Oregon to Northwest California.

We are dry camping in a California State Campground that is at the southern end of the national and state redwoods parks.

Our campsite is tucked in adjacent to a stream and includes a 6’ diameter Redwood tree. I un-tucked us a bit by trimming branches from both sides of the RV to clear the LH slide and the RV awning.

We drove out to the campground ranger kiosk where, wonder of wonders, there is free, 5-bar WiFi where we downloaded our mail and surfed the web.

While there, Kathleen spotted some large antlers protruding above the meadow grass and then two female Elk and two young ones.

The male eventually did rise and move toward the female who was not interested in any meadow romping and who walked away.

Our night was quiet and cool and restful except for when Martha had to go out at 3 and have breakfast at 6.

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