Bob & Danie's camp site @ Pub

Main Attraction - Old Man Kangaroo

Gracemere CP - Power & cool

Gracemere CP - the pond

To the Laundry

A telephone that works I think?

Swimming pool

Gracemere CP


Finally, arrived in Rocky after stopping for petrol, water and dumping the toilet on the outskirts of Rockhampton, once again Bob has found another free campsite at Kershaw Park which is right next door to the Stockland Shopping centre. Not the best of site very dusty and although there is a breeze it is hot. This will need to be the last place we go to without power until the temperature drops a bit. Spent the afternoon trying to get cool which did not happen until about 8pm even filled the shower so I could sit in the cold water to cool down which was great but the minute I got out I was hot again 36-37 degrees.


We are off to find somewhere with power while Bob and Danie are off to find another free camp. We have ended up at Gracemere CP and Bob and Danie are at the Bouldercombe Pub. After setting up we drive out to the pub so I can drop Trevor off to watch the AFL with Bob plus pick Danie up to come back to the park to watch our series of Outlander in the air con another bloody hot day. The Pub does not have any food to order so I'm off to the local petrol station looking for sandwiches - oh dear well their have heaps of sandwiches all packed like airline sandwiches but on a closer look they all have ants inside and outside the package - oh dear too much protein - maybe the hot box will do. In all my travels I have never seen that. Dropped the hotbox food off at the pub now it is time for Danie and I to return to Gracemere and the cool caravan.

Back to the pub to drop Danie off and pick Trevor up. Danie has decided that she would like to overnight at the park and go to the hotel at Gracemere to watch the NRL tomorrow. Before leaving the pub I noticed a kangaroo out the back - he really is a old man kangaroo plus a highlight of the pub.


Bob and Danie have arrived at the Gracemere CP for the night and I have dropped the men off at the hotel to watch the early games of NRL football and to get a good area to watch the main game.

Well, what can I say, I was the only one backing the Storm even though Bob, Trevor and Danie knew I was on a winner they kept to their Cowboys. To me it did not matter as I follow both the Storm and the Cowboys - so either way it would be a win - win outcome for me. But on the day I knew the Dream Team were just too hard to beat. And I must admit that JT is the main attraction for me.


Today, Bob and Danie are off to travel inland once again, it has been great travelling with them - lots and lots of fun and laughter. We have decided to stay until Wednesday due to the heavy rain around Bundaberg. So today is a big rest day of doing zero. Temperature has dropped to 29 and it has started to rain.


Still raining off and on so we are off to Rocky for a drive around. Back at the park and time for another relaxing afternoon and to pack up a few things as we depart Gracemere tomorrow.


Heading south somewhere????

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