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Up after 0430 with not a bad--but not a sound--sleep. Had some cinnamon rolls from home and the hotel brewed java, the former being too sweet and the latter not strong enough.

Two big issues to start the day. First, can I check the large bag thru to Joburg on the SAA flight, a fellow Star Alliance partner, or not since I have two separate tickets for today? Second, will I get the upgrade to business class--with the corollary of the whack to the wallet--for the Joburg flight?

*Overjoyed that the update from leaving the hotel to after 0830 'timed out' without a copy. Summary: kiosk United check in...c/n check bad to JNB as two tickets...Nexus kiosk and fingerprint fumbling...nearly 20M for Tim Horton's java...no SAA upgrade so heavier wallet...chill time re wifi, email, blog and Travel Africa magazine.

First bit of rain in southern Ontario for weeks. A small jet for the trip to IAD with just 3 in a row. A couple of sudoku puzzles to while away the time. An article on Columbia and Tsodilo WHS in Botswana made the world a bit smaller.

Not sure what bit of alphabet soup re IAD arrival but a long walk to a train to get to the main terminal building for the baggage collection. One level up was the check in area. Planted myself opposite SAA. Pleased the check-in began 4.5 hours ahead. On the other side there was a pet area, a chapel, a cancer stick lounge and a nursing area: they think of everything. A Dunkin' Donuts java was welcome and got the computer charged up for the forthcoming long haul.

Plopped down at B37 by 1600 for the final wait. I like IAD. The international flags are a nice touch. There is a good variety of food and drink. The wifi is very good and not limited [like Heathrow].

I like the fact the Airbus 333 economy passengers are no more than one seat away from an aisle. The configuration is just over 20% first/business class, a rather high percentage.

*much of the blog this time will be point form for a shorter blog, reflecting as well five nights without internet access

-aboard some 50M B4 pulled back for 35M taxi

-music: Willie Nelson rules with enough other songs

-G+T and spicy chicken dinner for passable airline food

-read the reply submissions in Roddy v NuFusion

-too tired to sleep; rested the eyes

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