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Gouvia Marina

Nelson eating his fish on top of the stove

We are off to Old Town

1. Corfu Old Town

2. Corfu Old Town: love the shoes

3. Corfu Old Town; shopping??

4. Corfu Old Town: shopping??

5. Corfu Old Town; for in the road, to the right and...

6. Corfu Old Town: just an alley way

7. Corfu Old Town: wandering the streets of Old Town

8. Corfu Old Town; weaving our way through town

9. Corfu Old Town: no more shopping

10. Corfu Old Town: leaving old town, on the main Street

Lunch (in the momentary sun break)

Marina's wonderful salads

Luggage beginning departure

Oh No! The rain again

Rain on the port

Wow again.... hard rain hitting the harbor

Even the cloud are not happy.... booming trhunder

The salon taking the dryness off the deck, and now sorting out...

My exhausted pair, tired, and not happy but grateful for G/T time

Dinner OLYMPIA MARE Gouvia Marina... soaking wet....

Dinner: tomato and cucumber salad

Dinner: my steak, with papper sauce (on the side)

Lemoncello -- gratis when you ask for the bill

Scattered clouds, and cold, damp weather awakened us this morning. I just the age of breakfast topside is finished for this year. I must admit the food is just a good in the salon, as it is topside. And without Mehmet to schlep food, dishes, etc. up and down the steps, it is easier on Jacques and Marina when we eat in the salon.

Marina is still trying to do the laundry. Washing is easy..... It is the drying in the rain that makes this proceedure very difficult.

Nelson didn't care about the rain -- he was anxious to his "fish" breakfast. While Marina was trying to put the fish in his bowl, he was gobbling it down. By the time she has prepared his fish in the bowl, there was only a few bits left.


Today was "shopping day in Old Town"... and returning the broken Vodaphone wi-fis to their original place of purchase.


Jacques told us that it would only take us 20 minutes in the car from Gouvia to Old Town. The tourist season is not over, and we;ll as the charter yacht season -- so going to old town should be quite easy. He will drop us off at the same place he will pick us up after we are done shopping.

As is the norm for this trip.... the norm is abnormal. It took Jacques weaving through traffic, and waiting in long lines, to get us to the drop off point in a little over an hour! For the record -- the tourist season is still in full swing in Corfu. But the sun was out, and Marina and I were totally ready to shop, shop, shop.

"I pick you up, here....". Jacques said as we jumped out of the car, and hour later than planned. "How long you be??" He added as we were walking away from the car.

"Two hours -- Jacques... This will NOT be an all day thing, if we are going to return to Old Town and NOLITA for dinner tonight. " I quickly answered, as I was trying to catch up with Marina who was already on her way, and the mission of Vodaphone. The shop was just around the corner from where Jacques let us off, and we quickly mounted the steps into an overly packed room, with only 4 employees, and maybe 40 people!

"Where do we get a numbered card, Marina?" I asked quite innocently.

"A card with what??" She answered. "....whatever that means, they do not have that here..... We just wait for the next person.".... she continued, and she stood 4th person in line for the female employee she recognized.

"This woman is quite good, and very fast!" Marina said, as she stood proudly behind a woman, and we both watched a man that just crowded in front of us.

This is going to be a free-for-all ... and not first come first serve. Oh boy. After about 20 minutes the woman employee was ready for us. Marina explained to problem:

"Two non working wifi boxes, both with time left on them when we were in the vodaphone shop in Ithaca. The girl in that store, told us the boxes broken." Marina patiently explained

"Oh... if this is a problem with the boxes, you have to talk to that man over there..." the lady employee told us.

"You mean stand in that line??!" I said as I gasped. "...but that line has 1,2,3,4,5 people in it -- we would be #6.

"That's right", the lady employee confirmed, as she smiled sweetly, and said, "....may I have the next person....thank you."

OMG.... here we go again. There was nothing we could do but wait. The line did not seem to be moving fast at all -- and then the three people in front of us got tired of waiting, and left. What a break.... now down to only one person, then us.

The next thing we knew, the man was asking us to come forward. Marina went thru the same speel again. The man checked both boxes, on at a time, re-set a couple of switches, and said. "I have re-set each.... and they work just fine now...". That was it -- we were through. I told Marina to keep both boxes, and load them before I come on the boat next year. The other two boxes I bought in Ithaca, I will take back to the States.

Exiting the store, giggling again, having that problem finally solved, we went thru the "closed street to cars" barriers, and began ohhing and aweing in all the shop windows.

. We both stopped in our tracks when we got to a shoe store. Wow... look at all the neat shoes.

. Marina went in and came out, not wanting to commit herself to anything quite yet.

Just a looking. Not finding anything yet that I need to stop for.

. Going up this street is where the main plaza is, and where I have dinner with the Campbells right after we arrived in Corfu. A later rendezvoused with the Buckners 3 years ago. They have the best food in Corfu.

. Shoot..... neither one of us found anything we wanted to buy -- but had a whole lot of fun just looking, and fighting our way thru the hoards of people.

Marina then called Jacques, since our 2 hours was up, and he said he would be there to pick us up in 20 minutes.

. Since we were on the other side of Old Town from where we had to exit, we decided to make our way back to the pre-assigned meeting place, and wait for Jacques.

Well over a hour later, we saw Jacques!

"Ooooooo - lala - ooooo - lala.... the traffic is horrible!" Jacques exclaimed as we cloimbed into the car.

As much as all three of us love NOLITA -- we are not fighting this traffic again this year. We decided that OLYMPIA MARE in Gouvia was just fine with us.

Once back on Milena, this trusty duo whipped up lunch for us in a matter in minutes.

. After clearing the table, and getting everything below.... I just had to take a picture of Marina and Jacques pacing area.

"OOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOOOO...... not again!!!!!" I was to the point of giggling. The skies opened up and one more time we are plugged right in the middle of yet another thunderstorm.


Marina and I are running all over the topside of Milena trying to capture anything that is dry, and get it below deck for yet another afternoon. I closed all the suitcases topside, and began getting them below deck, before they too were drenched. The cushions which were just laundered and dry....are not soaking wet. I thought it kind of odd that Jacques was not running around with us as well. I found out later that Jacques got trapped in his car, in the parking lot, and waited the storm out there before returning to Milena.

By the time we sorted the wet, from the dry, and stowed what we could.

Thank goodness it is G/T time.

Owing to the still drizzling rain, Jacques took us in the dinghy, as close to OLYMPIA MARE, for dinner as he could. Once in the restaurant, we quickly ordered, and began sipping on a carafe of wine.

. Was not too long until our salad and warm feta pastry (bourekaki) arrived.

Then, of course, my dinner arrived after Jacques and Marina were each given excellent look fish dinners.


All of us were starting th wind down, so I ordered the bill, and we were brought an excellent gratis drink of Corfuian Lemmoncello.


Then, the skies started to spit water drops again, so we went quickly to the dinghy -- father of course, we found the correct dock where Jacques put it, and headed back to Milena before the skies could possibly open up on us.

After dinner drinks and coffee for three, before we all said goodnight.

Bon Nuit....


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