2017 Milena with Campbells & Bareboat Bora Bora travel blog

Gouvia Marina

Lunch on deck

Cold Cauliflower in yoghurt and caper sauce salad

The skies opened up

Rain off the bow

Rain port side

More rain

Won't this rain ever stop

Prosecco time, Jacques undoing the wire

Marina trying to open the prosecco

Prosecco needs Jacques' strength

Jacques pouring

Marina taking over the pouring

Jacques carving the delicious beef roast

Wow -- how luscious

Nelson intently watching/waiting

Nelson thinking he might get away with stealing

Marina's banana split dessert

Good morning from the still soggy wet and rainy decks of Milena. I was just finishing my omelette, when Mehmet came into the salon to say:

"Good bye, madam" taking my hand, and bowing.

"Good bye, Mehmet. Thank you.", as I handed him a 'tip envelope'. He got a tip this year, because he was very good to my family, and just 'ok' for me.

Mehmet left this morning at 8:30a.m. . Jacques is taking him to the airport.

The moment Mehmet walked down the passerale, and left the boat, Marina was doing a happy dance all around the salon.

"Yeah.... he gone!

-No more broken dishes,

-no more shattered glasses, of all sizes and shapes

-no more very expensive frying pans ruined with knife gouges out of the cooking surfaces

-no more wi-fi internet coverage stealing

-no more things that have gone missing

-no more of my good knives to take

-no more breaking the valves in the forward guest room toilet

-no more shouting and violent behaviors

-no more screaming matches between he and Jacques ....

I could go on, but his horridness on Millie was/will never again be accepted here"

Marina is happily spinning in circles of joy and relief. This whole scene reminded me of the "Wizard of Oz"

When Dorothy and the cast we singing: ....'ding, dong. The wicked witch is dead...'

Jacques returned to the boat about 1:30p.m., and immediately began lunch preparation. He, too, was in a softer, non-agitated mood, and he and Marina conversed quietly over what to serve for lunch.

We ate topside, at a sun break, and watched the next storm as it seemed to be vastly approaching us.

At lunch Jacques swans explaining

"We must eat all the food on Milena.... we stay here for dinner........Tomorrow night and Friday night... we go out!"

Marina then continued where Jacques left off.

"Going out tomorrow night and Friday night allows us to empty and clear out the refrigerator, leaving it turned off while Jacques is gone". So we must eat this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow lunch, and Friday lunch.

As we were still discussing the remainder of the meals onboard d Milena for this season, the clouds that I had been watching, all of a sudden, opened up.... and we were in a torrential downpour once again.

Marina and I gathered all we could, and took it below yet one more time. All these cushions have spent more time below deck this last week, than above.

At siesta time, Jacques was the only one to adjourn into his cabin. Marina was doing to washing up, and loading the dishwasher. When I offered to help, her answer was a very emphatic NO! Thank you.

I spent siesta time, still organizing my stuff, loading 90% of my clothes, and leaving only a couple of things out for the couple of days.

Before I knew it -- I heard Marina call from the Salon --

"Would you like a glass of Prosecco?"

"You do not have to ask me twice." I stopp what I was doing and immediately joined my friends in the salon.

. And beginning to open the bottle. It was at this point that Marina was a little over anxious, grabbing the bottle out of Jacques hands...... and madly trying to successfully open it herself.

Frustrated she gave the bottle back to Jacques, who penned it, and began pouring it...... Marina then took it out of his hands saying.... "Oh for Pete sakes Jacques, can't you be any faster?"

. Champagne giggles followed, as the two of them squabbled over just how to open a champagne bottle. [They will learn the secrets of champagne opening in Bora Bora]

Jacques excused himself, and went into the galley, only to return with an excellent roast done to perfection with black pepper sauce.


Nelson, of course, made himself very obvious on this dinner scene. Sitting in Jacques chair, intently watching the carving of this roast.

. Should he, could he, would he.....


What a spectacular last dinner to be my last dinner on board Milena for this charter season. The food, service, atmosphere and people could not be beat!!!!!

Lastly, for dessert, I had one of Marina's Banana Splits....


Quite after dinner drinks for all three of us, and me with a Greek coffee accompaniment, and we all said goodnight and thank you for a beautiful day.


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