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Gouvia Marina

Torrential rains, port side

More rain

Just as much rain on the starboard side

Rain off the bow

Lunch in the salon

Nelson studying the corn cob

Nelson, where's the meat??

Prosecco time

Marina: OMG!

One for you....

One for me.....

Top both glasses off

Cheers to us!

Dinner is served topside, between the rain squalls

Marina's fabulous banana split

After dinner drinks, and coffee below

Gouvia Marina, Corfu (Day # 6/9)

Milena is heavily involved in tieing everything up for the winter storage, and giving Mehmet as much of the grunge work as he can handle, on this his last full day of employment on Milena.

Owing to the torrential downpours of rain each day, it makes it hard to keep up with the essential washings that Marina must do to keep Millie running smoothly. Washing and waiting for sunny spots to dry has now become s game. Do we have enough time to.........T H U N D E R. B O O M....... no, I guess not. This was the story all day between the: T H U N D E R. B O O M. T H U N D E R. B O O M and the F L A S H I N G S WITH SMULTANEOUS C R A C K S..... We really could not get much done. All the cushions that were laundered and placed topside, are all now below, in a holding ......




Hunkering below deck, and trying to keep dry seemed to be a real challenge. Everything that we had done to dry ourselves out -- was now thoroughly drenched yet one more time. The forecasting for the rest of the week really doesn't sound much better.

Organizing my stuff was delightfully interrupted by Mehmet saying:

"Lunch is served, Madam"

"Thank you, Mehmet", and I scrambled out of my cabin, almost tripping over and into one of my suitcases.

Hearing the water pounding on the deck, and windows, I knew the salon was where our beautiful meal was going to be set up.

. My dynamic duo, plus Nelson, were totally ready to eat and drink the rain away..... As Jacques was in the kitchen with last minute preparations, Nelson jumped into Jacques' chair, and was looking for his plate.


The boat was totally occupied, and very quiet, for siesta. The only thing that could be heard was the pounding rain and occasional claps of thunder, with flashes of light that could be seen from below deck. All we need is a small fireplace that we can huddle infront of,with a blanket, and really good book. By the early evening, G/T time, I met Marina in the salon, totally engrossed in opening a bottle of Prosecco.


"I have had it with all this rain!!!" Marina stated very frustrated with the sogginess of the day. "I need a drink soooo bad!! Need to wash the horridness of this day away!!" She was so determined, and anxious to get this stubborn bottle open.

. As she so struggled with trying to get the cork out of the bottle. I offered to help....

"No, Robin..... thank you..... I almost have it!". She was tugging so hard on the cork, I thought she was going to spray the entire cabin with Prosecco.. Luckily for us, the cork gave way to her demands, and she began pouring.

Both of us giggled as Marina poured two very generous glasses of Prosecco.

"I want to hurry and drink to empty these glasses and, refill them again, before Jacques gets here, and empties the bottle!", Marina said excited, and with determination.

We both giggled, and emptied our glasses glasses to the bottom, Marina pour us each a second glass, before Jacques appeared, wanting to be included in the festivities.

"Sorry Jacques, we have almost finished the bottle, as she poured him only 1/2 glass -- looking over a me, she winked as whispered, "we did it", in a very hushed voice, more mouthing the words, than saying them with any kind of volume! Not having much time, the dinner was calling his name, Jacques returned to the galley. We heard Mehmet crashing around with the dinner dishes above our heads, and knew dinner was close at hand, if of course, he doesn't break any more dinner dishes or glasses.

[note: Mehmet has ruined three frying pans, with knife gouges, broken 5 dinner plates, 1 salad plate, and 6 blue of the 12 blue glasses, and 4 liquor shot glasses]. "He is a real breaker!!!"

[Note: "If Mehmet stayed on this boat another year, we could burn it!!!", Marina said with anger in her voice. Evidently there is a huge list of other things that Mehmet has obliterated, ruined, or broken since the beginning of the charter season in Turkey. Marina said : "If Jacques has to take Mehmet back, he will sell the boat....". The personality clash between Jacques and Mehmet is volital. Bottom line this is Jacques' boat. He is the skipper and the owner. So what Jacques says is what is done. Mehmet did not accept Jacques orders, knowledge, and respect the taking care of Milena and her crew. An entire season of very bad abuse on all]

Jacques brought up yet another tantalizing dinner, and dressed in our warmest things, with a blanket over our legs, we enjoyed a luscious dinner, under the not raining skies, for the moment.

. By the time I was devouring Marina's wonderful dessert, we had to pick up our eating speed -- the rains are returning.


Clearing the table at what now is warp speed -- we re-covened in the salon for coffee, and after dinner drinks.

. Very long day for Jacques, who had already said is Bon Nuit, and Marina, who was falling asleep in the middle of her own conversations.

"Good night, Marina. Sleep tight", I said softly.

"Uh.... o.... was I asleep? Good night, Robin. Thank you." She said as she left the salon for the aft cabin.

Hollywood at the movies was only enjoyed by me this evening

Bon Nuit.....


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