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Gouvia Marina

Lunch: a break from the rains

Sunset in Gouvia Marina

Nelson; wanting cheese

Nelson: waiting for dinner

Nelson: just being his handsome self

Our dinner: roast lamb and oven potatos

G/T replaced with Asti Spumante

A very lazy day for me -- a very active day for everyone else. Marina accompanied Mehmet for his next appointment with the port. If all goes ok this morning with Milena's agent at the port -- then the agent goes with Mehmet to the Port Police, and Marina returns to the boat. If all goes ok with Mehmet and the police, and his papers are complete and accepted, he will be able to legally leave Greece (and the EU) and return to his home in Marmaris, Turkey.

Meanwhile Jacques was at the port office handling Milena issues for his departure, and Milena's wintering needs, before returning to the boat, and preparing lunch. The sun was not out, the wind had stopped again, temporarily, as we enjoyed Marina's wonderful salads, and Jacques' bake chicken.


Me? I am organizing my stuff to begin packing my bags :-(. The greatest thing about leaving Millie this year, is not only am I taking Jacques and Marina with me (which has been the norm over the last 6 years.... BUT they are

Truly accompanied me all the way home ---- AND BEYOND......

Milena's way of life, I so truly adore, and will for as long as she sails. I am so blessed and lucky to spoil myself in such a magically beautiful way each year!! Leaving Millie is always easier, knowing, I will be back..

As I was sorting piles, Jacques and Marina left, to try and find the local vet for Nelson...... make an appt, have his physical and get the exit papers. He has to be seen the day before he flys.

The G/T hour was approaching for yet another day........ Today..... Jacques added such a refreshing change.

Asti Spumante! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..................

. Sipping away at our nectar of the Gods.... the wind returned, and the darkening clouds could be seen on the Western horizon at sunset.

. Look at the darkening clouds, and upon studying them, you can see 3 thunderheads, and one small water spout beginning to form. It looks like all this weather is blowing to the NE, which will miss us entirely. The chilling wind, had me shivering -- so I took an extra large gulp of champagne. The next thing I new, Jacques had returned to the table with a lap size fleece blanket that he bought in the storm for me -- remembering how cold Iwas last night. Oh.... how great that felt on my Capri clad legs...... Meanwhile, Nelson, of course, was hovering around us because of the cheese on the table, and the prospects of dinner......



We all stopped laughing quite abruptly, when the last drop of Asti Spumante was squeezed into Marina's glass.

Jacques got up from the table, and went to check on dinner, as Mehmet began serving the table.

Within a few minutes Jacques returned with a lovely platter of roast lamb and oven roasted potatos, with whole roasted garlic cloves.


Luckily the weather did not arrive as was predicted, so as Jacques said his goodnights, Marina and I had our after dinner drinks, and coffee, while making plans for our shopping and dinner trip to Old Town on Wednesday.

Poor Marina was fighting to stay awake, so I told her to go to bed, and I adjourned to my room, got into my sleep sack, nestled under a douvet, and began a double feature of Hollywood at the movies.

Bon Nuit.....


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