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front of house as it appeared in 1845

side and back

monument to previous owner, Van Ness

As I came down to visit Mom and Dot the past two times, I chose to use Route 9H which went past the home of Martin van Buren, our 8th President. Across the street was a parking lot and trail head for walking paths and I noticed trees but no hills. So, I suggested we go there to see what they are like, and both wanted to go! the trails are flat and in the woods, so it was a good thing to do on this warm day.

Afterwards, we went to the National Historic Site where Van Buren made a farm of the property and spent the end of his life in happiness. He had been born in 1782 nearby and so became our first native President (previous ones were born as British subjects). He was instrumental in forming the Democratic Party along with Andrew Jackson.

During his Presidency from 1837-1841, he opposed the extension of slavery and the annexation of Texas. He established an independent treasury but faced the worst economic depression in U.S. history. (Up to that time or for all time, including the Great depression?). He ran for President from his home at Lindenwald two more times, but retired from politics after the last loss in 1848. He died in 1862 and is buried at a church in Kinderhook, not at his beloved farm.

Another interesting fact is that he married Hanna Hoes, a childhood sweetheart and distant relative in 1807. They had 4 boys before she died in 1819, leaving him to raise them, aided by his sister-in-law and various educational institutions.

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