2017 Milena with Campbells & Bareboat Bora Bora travel blog

Gouvia Marina, Corfu

Marina making arrangements for Nelson

Lunch.... our favorite onion tarte

Readying the sails for the winter

Jacques directing Mehmet on the folding of the sail

G/T time in the salon

Dinner time topside

Sautéed spinach

Jacques very special Tiramisu

Steak with mushroom cream sauce

. Milena moored in Gouvia Marina for the winter.

You know of all the years I have been coming to Milena -- I did not realize to what detail everything had to be organized, or done before leaving her. Last year it only took a couple of days to ready Milena for Jacques departure of one week. This year he is leaving Millie for over a month -- and will be half way around the world if there is a problem.... he, in reality, can not be reached. From Greece to Bora Bora is a - (minus) 12 hour time difference.

Marina has got to deal with all the necessary papers, etc. so that we can leave Greece. Unlike last year, we are at least in the EU, instead of Turkey

["Turkey is located where Asia meets Europe and geographically has land on both continents. The capital Ankara and the larger portion of the country are in Asia. Turkey is the successor of the Ottoman Empire, which had been the leader (caliph) of the Muslim world for about 400 years.Mar 31, 2009"].

Istanbul, for example is both in Europe and Asia, just accross the Bospherous Sea to the South is the Asian part of Turkey.

["One part of Istanbul lies in Europe and the other part lies in Asia. Istanbul's European part is separated from its Asian part by the Bosphorus strait, a 31-km-long waterway that connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara, and forms a natural boundary between the two continents.Oct 16, 2014"]

Now this is NOT to be confused with the EU. (European Union). Turkey is definitely NOT part of the EU, even through part of Istanbul is in Europe.

Bottom line, it is easier to fly amongst EU communities, for people as well as pets. The papers required for Nelson you would not believe! Nelson has to have his own passport -- just like a human!

Anyhow, it takes at least 2 days to get everything necessary for Nelson to come with us. We have to go to Rennes, in order to drop off the cat, before continuing to London, and then the United States. This took up a good part of today, with Jacques going one way, with the car, and Marina going to other way on foot

-- whilst Nelson and I stayed on board Milena.

Both Jacques and Marina returned at roughly the same time.... and the 30minutes or less lunch was on its way.

Jacques -riders himself of putting food on the table very quickly. Having to use the generator while cooking when we are not in port is quite costly. They have everything timed, and do turn the generator on twice a day for specific culinary or housewifery reasons.

Lunch today was served topside in now windless and very sunny conditions.

. Having enjoyed a terrfic lunch on our first day of total sun and no wind for the last thee days....

After lunch, Jacques and Mehmet began with the large project of folding all the sails, putting them in bags, and storing them for the winter. Looking at the amount of sails there are on Milena, this project could take at least 3 days.


By the time they were folding and stowing quite a few lesser sized sails--- it was definitely time for G/T.

I saw Marina in the galley, putting together a couple of poo-poo plates, G/T fixings were on the table, and ready for assemblage.

The moment I dropped the first ice cube in the highball glass, it was heard like Pavlov calling his flock.

Both Marina and Jacques appeared within moments, with their arms opened waiting to receive their drinks. Giggling and reliving the adventures of the day, as we saw and lived it. Meanwhile Jacques was going in/out of conversations and while returning to the galley checking/preparing dinner and dessert. Just as soon as he would arrive at table -- he would have to leave again.

His final trip to us, he was proudly carrying topside three beautiful steaks covered with a wild mushroom cream sauce.


As the piece de resistance, Jacques had prepared a wonderful tiramisu for dessert.. The finest of its kind I have ever eaten.


Jacques ate quite a bite of this luscious creation .... then excused himself saying Bon Nuit..... Boy, I do not know how he could sleep on such a fully tummy.

Marina and I had coffee and after dinner drinks, and were entertained by an other Hollywood classic.

Good night and God Bless us all!!


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