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Gouvia Marina -- our location

Hurricane disaster in the cabin of Jacques, Marina and Nelson

A cold, windy lunch on board

Cocktail hour: a good bottle of Greek wine

Sunset at Gouvia Marina

Dinner at Olympia Mare

Dinner: Robin's dinner local dish cockeral

Dinner: Jacques & Marina's fish

3-step (4 foot) staircase for passerale

3-step (4 foot) staircase for passerale

Today is our first full day in port. Gouvia Marina is where Jacques is going to winter Milena this year. Beacause it is our first day in port.... there are many things on the list the Milena must begin to accomplish. For me the only thing different, was I was taking possession of all my luggage again. It was left in storage just before we left here in August, because there was not room to keep it on board. With the delivery of my luggage, the things that were stored in the aft cabin, until now, had to find another place to be...... hence disaster in Jacques, Marina and Nelson's cabin. Pulling stuff out/down/around and thru to be stored in another place.



Last night trying to descend Milena on the passerale, in the wind, and because of the angle (think of a clock)

11 to 5 angle...... my feet (in tevas, with rubber soles), kept sliding in a downward motion, and picking up speed as I was nearing the dock. As I got the the solidity of the dock, I was shaking so badly, I had a compose myself before I could walk. Marina was now at my side.

"Marina -- I can not do that again. The 11 to 5 angle is much too steep for me! My balance is just ok at best.... but add the wind, the up/down wave action, and the expanse over the water...... NO.... I will sleep in the dinghy.

I can not go back on Milena with that passerale!!! Years ago, Jacques took me from the dock, 15 feet along the side, of Milena, and I crawled in and up to Milena from the dinghy. Or maybe we could rent a staircase, like we have done before when the angle for on/off the boat is too extreme!!" I was still shaking and jittery as I was trying to speak.

This morning a staircase was delivered to the stern of Milena.

Look for yourself and see just how tall that mini-staircase is. Imagine the passerale siting on the dock, without the staircase, and that is what I did just once -- luckily not slipping directly into the water.


The weather has taken a disasterous change. It is not in the low 50's at night, and warming up to the mid to late 60's during the day. Quite a change from a month ago. Ok.... so the mid 50s is not cold -- but when you used to the nighttime temperature being the the mid to high 70's -- it's cold. The highs during the day have been at least 40 degrees warmer -- 100 +.

As the day progressed the warmth went to its maximum of 70 degrees. As lunchtime was upon us before we knew it, Jacques told Mehmet to set the table topside for lunch. The winds had begun their howling and rattling of the halyard at 25kph as we were attempting to eat Carbonara and tomato salad.


"Jacques, do you not think it is cold??" I asked before we began serving.

"For me, no -- not cold. Hurray up and serve your pasta before it get cold. " he replied.....

"Ok.... after I finish the procuito melone", I said

Jacques grumbled, and helped himself to a healthy portion of carbonara -- including the bee on the top.

"Mehmet -- we need bee flaps, please" I called

"Yes... madame... right away I come". Mehmet answered. Just as quickly he was at the table with six + bee flaps, as I placed over all our food, and also my plate . The last thing I want to do is EAT a bee!!

Marina and I were both shivering, as we were trying to enjoy such delicious food in the bellowing wind.

All of us ate faster, and when Marina offered grapes I jumped at the idea, but wanting to eat them below before our siesta.

Marina and I sat below and munched on a few bunches of grapes, and sipping on a partial glass of wine to wash the fruit down with -- eating and drinking grapes, before napping -- what a good idea.

Just after 3:00pm, Jacques and Marina return back to the port office for the 3rd time today, to continue handling the departure of Mehmet, and his return trip to Turkey. As long as all of Mehmet's papers are in order, and his credit cards check out, Mehmet becomes the port responsibility as of Tuesday morning (Sept. 24th). It is the port authorities that will then accompany Mehmet to Athens, and make sure he gets on his Istanbul flight into Turkey.

Jacques and Marina left the boat, again, together just after 5:00p.m., and went to the grocery store. Jacques has rented a small car for us to use for the next week. Today was its inaugural trip -- the grocery store for the daily supplies needed for Milena.

The next time I looked at my watch -- I found it was G/T time -- oh no....

"Madam... would you like something to drink??" Mehmet said as he was knocking on the salon door from the galley.

"Oh, how nice.... yes please.... But not G/T for one.... how about a glass of rose or white wine from the refrigerator." I suggested.

"Yes, ma'm" as he placed a glass of rose next to me and my ipad in the salon.

"Thank you, Mehmet." I said.

I did not see Jacques and Marina still almost 7:30p.m., just as I was finishing my glass of wine. Tired and hungry, they joined me in one glass of wine. Before we walked to Olympia Mare for dinner. Descending that wonderful staircase at the shore end of the passerale, was easy for me. Yeah!

. Here we are again at Olympia Mare, sharing an excellent karate of red wine. Jacques and Marina shared a fish

. Me? I had a local, very popular Corfuian speciality. Cockerel (male chicken leg), cooked in a Indian, very heavy, with uneven tomato flavors. It wasn't bad -- it just wasn't good. The spices used were not a good blend.

. Very disappointing. After finishing his dinner, Jacques excused himself, and went back to the boat, leaving Marina and I to sip the gratis shot of JAGERMEISTER. Marina had never tasted Jagermeister, so she drank the whole shot........

"OMG!!! Robin, I can feel my feet.... My head is a mess....What is happening???" She said sounding absolutely horrified with what she was experiencing.

"You will be ok -- that is just Jagermeister, Marina" I assured her. After paying the bill, I was the one who was helping Marina back to the Milena.

Coffee and "good after-dinner drinks ", according to Marina, were shared in the salon before saying goodnight.

Too cold to sleep topside, so I was stacked into my sleepsac, and nestled under the douvet in my cabin.

Bon Nuit.


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