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Corfu map journey

Close up of our journey

Catamaran on MILENA's anchor

Leaving the Corfu Old Town Venetian fortress

Taking down the big shade

North side of the Corfu town Old Venetian fortress

Beginning our last journey at sea for this charter season

1. Journey to Gouvia Marina, Corfu: ferry leaving Corfu

2. Journey to Gouvia Marina, Corfu; ferry leaving Corfu

3. 1. Journey to Gouvia Marina, Corfu

4. Journey to Gouvia Marina

5. Journey to Gouvia Marina: large boat anchored outside the Marina

6. Journey to Gouvia Marina: Corfu Imperial Grecotel Exclusive Resort !!

7. Marina calling Port for permission to enter

Our assigned moorage spot

OMG! Look at the weather heading right for us!

Weather looking even worse.... goodness

Another attempt at our slip -- the wind is havoc!

The sky opened up! It is huge heavy drops traveling at mock...

The sky opened up! It is huge heavy drops traveling at mock...

Eating lunch in the salon

A wonderful rice salad

Now here's a dinghy! (This photo was taken for Kyle)

A pontoon boat I like (too big)... maybe it comes smaller??

Dinner: "Olympia Mare", in Gouvia Marina

Dinner: "Olympia Mare", in Gouvia Marina: Australian wagu!

Because of commitments Jacques has in Corfu, and the exiting of Mehmet --we had to be in Corfu 5 days before Mehmet leaves Milena (Spt. 27th)..... and the meeting Jacques must attend is the first thing tomorrow morning.

Watching the weather, there is yet another storm that is predicted for the Corfu area, so Jacques wanted to get in port relatively early.



This morning the day started out with Jacques being a mind reader, taken from a conversation we had last night at dinner.

"Hey Jacques. Look at that catamaran. Isn't it too close to MILENA??!!", I asked, with concern in my voice.

"Oui! Too close! What we do?", was Jacques' reply.

"Do we move?", I asked innocently.

"No.... we can not! They are on top of our anchor chain! We will take them with us!" He said firmly.

"But won't they swing on their anchor and hit us??", being still concerned about this situation.

In looking over at the catamaran -- all 6 people had taken the dinghy, and gone to town.

Jacques shook his head..... "I hope no problem! Wait, Robin. They will not be able to leave tomorrow. We will stop them with our chain!". At that this subject was closed, and I knew better than to bring it up again. If he was not worried, then why should I be.

Sure enough this morning -- the catamaran tried to leave leave -- AND THEY COULD NOT! Milena's chain was making their departure impossible. Since this catamaran was a bareboat... the inexperienced crew were at a loss of what to do.... What they did do was beginning yelling at Milena.

Jacques dispatched Mehmet, to go to the catamaran, to help untangle them. Within about 10 minutes,Mehmet had released them from captivity..... then they were gone........ Jacques knew all this was going to happen... so he was prepared for the only solution.

Not long after, it was time for us to make our departure as well. Before this could be possible, with impending weather, the shade had to be taken down. Unfortunately, I was sitting at the table when this happened.

. I giggled as this happened. I was remembering when Skyler and I were sitting at the table, and the shade came down on us as well. Hehehehe.....

Our cruise was only a couple of hours, and feeling the sea breezes on my face, as the Eastern coast of Corfu was passing by was absolutely wonderful -- accept for the dark clouds it looked like we were heading into.


It was then I saw the Imperial Grecotel Hotel, and raising my water glass -- cheered to that beautiful hotel, and all the memories that were had there!.


We were now just outside the port and Marina was on the phone, asking for permission to enter.

. The port responded by giving us this slip in the middle of the big dock, on the outside.

. In August, we were also on the big dock, but on the inside of it, rather than the outside. I had fenders at my finger tips to help, when I happened to look at the sky. Holy cow!

The wind was now coming up fairly strong, which made our dock proceedure very difficult.

. The wind was blowing us from right to left, and the weather was coming at us from the nose. I was with large fender in hand, going from one side of Milena to the other, making sure we did not hit either of our big neighbors. We just turned off the engine, and were at secure rest, when


By the time we got all the cushions stowed below,m and the covers on -- all three of us were dripping wet!!! I know Mehmet must have been wet also, but he was securing the dinghy, so I did not see him.

Once inside, and gathering in the salon, drying off ourselves with towels.... we changed into clothes, and stayed below for the next couple of hours.

Marina was now busying herself in the galley making us a wonderful lunch.

After lunch we had a brief siesta before

While we were trying to find a printer.... I saw a pontoon boat that I liked. I took this picture, and found out it was made in Florida, by Top Notch Marine. Both of these boats are too big for me -- but if they made a 6 meter, it might be worth a look.


We found a cute little hotel about .02mile away, with a very nice receptionist, who helped us get everything we needed to print. Yeah.....

We just had time enough to get back to Milena, gulp a few sips of rose, before taking the dinghy to the Olympic Mare (in the Marina) for dinner. Jacques was kind enough to take me in the dinghy, because I almost feel off the passerale at a 300-degree angle in the howling wind. The dinghy is much safer, although a wet ride.

Our dinner was absolutely superb! Every time I have eaten there, the food has been well worth another visit.

The last time we ate there was 3 years ago.... and it was that meal that brought us back tonight.

We ordered a carafe of red wine to accompany our steaks. Oddly enough, this carafe red wine, is the best wine we have had in Greece this year. A delightful evening, witnessing the tempturous skies, as they are brewing and preparing for tomorrow's storm warning: winds up to 50kph! Guess our after dinner drinks and coffee will be in the salon tonight, as well as sleeping below deck. The weather seems to be drastically changing the last couple of days. It is now getting to the point that it is uncomfortably cold/windy for sitting outside. I wish we could have had some of this coolness when we arrived in August.



I am touched with a drop of tears -- this is the last journey at sea with Milena for this year! :-( . I am also so grateful to Jacques, Marina and Milena for such an outrageously wonderful charter. My time with Campbells, and the fun and games we shared was something I shall never, ever forget. What a beautiful, lasting, magical memories we had together, thanks to Milena!!!! (And of course, Jacques and Marina). For this I am eternally grateful. :-) :-) :-). Much more happy than sad.


With all my blessings counted, and appreciated -- I will close for today.


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