Bowen for Lunch

Hotel from the movie Australian

Seaforth camp site

On the beach

On the beach

Other end of park

Local store & post office

Feeding the ducks

Up close and personal



Well we are all up early and off to Ayr for a quick pick up of supplies before heading south towards Mackay. Oh dear the leaders have passed the turn off _ Must know a short cut. No Bob has pulled over his navigator was busy taking photos of the cane train - OK turn around and head back to the turn off. All done and we are off this will be a big day as we need to travel 288 kms to get to a place called Seaforth which is about 40 kms north of Mackay. Stopped @ Bowen for a look around and lunch @ the bakery. This is where they filmed most of the movie "Australian" with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Back on the road again heading south.

After a few more mishaps we finally arrived at the council grounds on the sea shore. Meeting Geoff (Bob's mate) here - he has secured the site and arranged for all three of us to stay on the same site (as they a very big). Well in no time we are settled for the day plus it is also show and tell time as Geoff has his very new campervan on display.


Geoff's friends have come over for morning tea bringing a feed of freshly made scones - yum because they are locals here we spend the morning talking and listening to their stories.

Danie and I have decided to go for a walk around Seaforth to walk off morning tea while the men have gone down to the Bowls Club to check out their facilities as we are thinking of going down to have dinner and watching the Storm/Bronco game down there.

Men are back and it is dinner @ the Bowls Club tonite, then watching the football over a few drinks. Well the dinner was over priced for value but the football was good for some - no just me as my beloved Storm have made it into the grand final. Bob is so upset we leave at half time to finish the game back at our caravan. Full time and Bob has taken his dummy and gone to bed.

The bird life here is amazing not only is their heaps of birds but also species that we have not seen before like; Radjah Shelducks, Plumed Whistling Ducks, Eastern Curlews as well as the normal species all these bird are so use to people that they walk and fly around the park and the caravans with no fear. Because the park has lots of very old Mango trees there is also a few bats at night and you need to have your awning out because they fly over dropping the mangoes which makes for a fun night trying to miss the bombing raid. It took us a little while to work out what was happening at first we thought someone was throwing the mangoes at us and our caravans.


Geoff is leaving us today on his journey north next stop Bowen. The men are off to place Trevor's bets at the Bowls Club and have a few beers. Danie and I decided to wash, cook and relax. Once again it is time to get ready to watch football first we have the AFL then the NRL - big day for the men. Big games today with the Tigers winning the AFL and the Cowboy's beating the Roosters. Everyone is happy with that result. So I guess it will be a big weekend of watching football next week.

Sunday and it is time to move on to Mackay.

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