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Having been enticed to take this trip by the offer of a 20% discount by the company that ran the cairns to uluru camping trip, i think the discount disappeared in air fares! To get here (which at the time of writing, is Paris...another 6+ hours before i make it to dubrovnik! Yes paris! The cheapest option was with Etihad then Air Croatia, stopping first in Abu Dhabi, then here. First stop long enogh to stretch the legs and move around a bit. This one, not long enough to get out of the air port given the time to get to the city, then the security to get back in, so its been walk around, have something to eat using leftover euros from last trip, and mess around with technology, and still a few hours to go.

Packing was interesting. As we will be using public transport between locations and having to carry our own luggage between transport and accommodation, the recommendation was to keep it down to carry on luggage size. (7kg +handbag equivalent) I got it down to 8.2kg plus a 'handbag' (small back pack) which has another 2+ kilos. So out went a pair of trousers...down to 2! Out went my japanese clothes hanger/drier, (still have clothes line but often cant get anything to connect it to!) shirt, out went a 'hoodie', out went binoculars, out went a small head torch. I have a before and somewhat after photo, but have to get my camera and this tablet 'talking' to download them. They will come. Then got to the airport where it seems my scales are not accurate..still 8.2 kilos! They let it on.

I was concerned that with 3 flights on 2 different carriers, I could end up in dubrovnik minus my luggage, so kept it with me. Only problem with that was having to go through security at every stop even though not leaving the airport. Paris was worst. All electronic items had to go in trays (charger phone tablet) as did jacket, camera and watch as well as the usual liquids. Kept my shoes on, but they beeped in abu dhabi so i was taken into a little cubicle where i was 'wanded' all over. Security very visible everywhere but even more so in paris.

Right now Police are outside the glass wall (glassed walkway outside for incoming passengers), randomly stopping people and checking passports of people off an incoming flight.some are being questioned further. Whoops not random any more. Everyone is showing passport. Two young men still being questioned and having to show other items ...now one officer on phone. All other passengers gone down the walkway.there are now 6 oficers and 2 young men, phew they have bben allowed to go. But still have to go through customs!

Theres always something to pass the time. A frenchman gave me a survey. Government is obviously trying to boost or at least get information on tourism by getting info on how long people stayed how much they spent, type of accommodation, etc etc. So we had a chat and i filled in the 6 lines that related to me. Name, country, In transit and spent 8 euros!

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