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Carpes boondocking south of White Mesa
After a hectic day this was peaceful...

I 15 south of Odden

Heading south on I 15 thru Salt Lake City

On US 6 heading into Price Canyon

US 6 and the railroad follow the Price River

Downhill from Soldier Summit on US 191

US 191 between Price and I 70

US 191 north of Moab
The storm clouds make a striking scene

US 191 south of Moab
Construction traffic stop is at the bottom of...

Just before sunset the clouds briefly parted...

Thu, 14 Sept: Happy Birthday niece Stacy!!!

We got going a tad slow this morning. Last evening we celebrated niece Stacy's birthday and visited a bit later than is our norm. Hence, getting out of bed early wasn't the easiest task for these two 'ole retirees.

That said, we finally got going and made it thru our morning routine. Sandi wasn't feeling 100% this morning so she skipped breakfast but was able to assist with getting ready for the road. We backed out of our site as the curb cut to the front was very steep and we didn't care to drag Carpe's delicate (and expen$ive) undersides on the curb. We got Carpe Dinkum hooked up and Bob drove ⅖ mile to a Maverik fuel station where we added just shy of 75 gallons to top up the tank.

We were finally on I 15 southbound about half past nine. We were post rush hour, but the traffic was still heavy enough for us. Having spent the last few months in the upper midwest Salt Lake's traffic was pretty intense. Bob did a masterful job of keeping us on the straight and level through Ogden, Salt Lake City, and finally Provo.

South of Provo we left the interstate for US 6, a nice federal highway that winds east from the Wasach Range to the Price Canyon. We stopped for lunch at a rest stop and then Sandi took the helm and we continued south. US 6 joins with US 191, which run thru the Price Canyon. We topped Soldier Summit @ 7,400' elevation and then headed downhill. About this time the forecast rain caught up with us and the wipers ran pretty much continuously.

The drive thru Price Canyon is gorgeous. This is the third time we've made this trip and it never fails to enthrall us. It is, however, far more enjoyable for the passenger than the driver who is kept busy with the grades and curves.

US 191 co-joins I 70 for twenty some miles east from Green River. Shortly after we got on I 70 we were hit with a thunderstorm that had traffic slowed to 30-35 mph. The winds were from the south (on our right side) and Sandi was working hard to keep Carpe's barn-like profile in our lane. Aerodynamic she ain't!!!

We switched drivers again just west of the US 191 exit and Bob took the helm. The squalls stayed with us the forty some miles south on US 191 from I 70 to the city of Moab. As has always been our experience driving thru Moab, tourists just cross the highway willy-nilly. We stayed in the left lane and made it to the south side with no problems other than Bob's nerves.

South of Moab we continued south on US 191. Along the way we experienced numerous construction zones, all of which were one lane and required a pilot car to lead us thru. We probably spent an hour in queues awaiting said pilot cars. Such is life...

About half past five we passed thru the town of Blanding, then the even smaller town of White Mesa, to the intersection of UT 262. Just east of US 191 on UT 262 is a large, fairly level gravel area where we boondocked for the nite. We got the coach leveled, slides out, and enjoyed a well earned Happy Hour. Today's run was a long-for-us 369 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8⅕ mpg.

Needless to say, it was lites out early and we slept very, very well...

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