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Express Train

Warsaw Apt. Kitchen - Dishwasher, Oven, Washer & Refrigerator!

My bedroom - Warsaw Apt

Warsaw 1/2 bath??

Chicken Tortilla Dinner

Time to say goodbye to Krakow and move on to Warsaw, our last stop. Michael arranged for transportation for us. Gregor brought his two-year old son with him to take us to the train station. So cute but was asleep by the time we got there. Gregor was concerned because it was too early for his afternoon nap. He was very helpful in helping us find the right platform. By knowing the platform, he could drop us off at an escalator that would take us right there vs. coming in the main entrance and trekking through the station. It was an uneventful ride. No snickers or comments from the conductor when checking our tickets. Poland has a great express train system. When we arrived in Warsaw we took a taxi to our next apartment. The door to the building was locked but we found a sign that directed us around to the back of the building and up to the 2nd floor for reception. Felt like we were going in the back way. This one is very unique. Has the smallest water closet I've ever seen. Sitting on the toilet, my knees hit the wall the the sink in halfway into my lap. But it works. And the second bedroom is a little ante room off the first bedroom. Again, a little strange, but again, it works and we have a spacious dining/living room and a fully equipped kitchen. It will do nicely. By now it is late afternoon and we are hungry so we headed out to find the nearest restaurant and get groceries for breakfast. It is Friday, and lo and behold, there was a tortilla with chicken on the menu. It turned out to be like a baked burrito with chicken, rice and BBQ sauce in something more like dough than a tortilla and it came with sour cream and salsa. It was actually very good. Then it was back to the apartment to unpack and try to stay awake until 9. Didn't turn out to be a problem since we look over a pedstrian street and a lot of people were out to party last night. Welcome to Warsaw. JB

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