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at the entrance about 1030 AM

Chihuly pieces at the ticket booth

impressive work at the main intersection

Nature makes a good art piece as well!

another example - ancient rock formation

Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden

Admiring and smelling the roses

Tequila Sunrise

Carefree Spirit

full rose

lovely house

serene place to sit

bowls on display

lots of layers

See a theme here?

nice setting

Reflections make this stunning!

icebergs outside the Library


an iconic piece

rock garden

my favorite from the first time I saw a Chihuly!

reflection brighter than the glass

These belong here!

snakemouth orchid - eats insects

yellow pitcher plants

Split Rock posers

a Monarch

part of perennial garden

so much texture

Salmon - the only way I like it!

ooh - a bee liked it too!

pretty close to reality - colors hard in flowers

Sol del Citron in front of Conservatory

interesting - Phyllis captured the essence as swanlike

white flowers?

different plant

These were at dining area in Fairchild Gardens

These are in Costa Rica

amongst the fountain

wow - pods have holes

so different!

lotus flower trying to bloom and not drown

nice colors

lemon drop

Cousin It!

cartoon character

ding dong!

neon tubes as art

How did they get this stuff here?

I was very lucky and grateful to be invited to go with Diana, Phyllis, Lynne, and Carol to the Botanical Gardens across from the Bronx Zoo for the day. I had a cortisone shot in my right heel yesterday or else I couldn't have done the trip as it has been hurting that badly!

The traffic wasn't bad, the route was direct, and we got a parking space in the first row of the parking lot! There was a tram just waiting for us (so it seemed - our timing was fantastic) so we hopped on to get an overview of the park before deciding what to see. At the first couple of stops, our tram driver got out to explain what could be seen and invited us to get off and explore. Well, since the plants and flowers there bloom in the Spring, we all said "fuhget about it" and stayed put. The driver was funny and entertaining with his NY accent and attitude!

By the time we got to the rose garden, which was in high bloom, we decided to get off and get on the next tram in about 1/2 hour. The driver was delighted! We had fun stopping to smell the roses and gather in their beauty.

The next driver was just a driver, so we realized how lucky we were to get such an animated one for the first ride. We went through woodsy areas and stopped at the Library, where some of the Chihuly exhibits were on display in the Rotunda on different floors. We came across a black squirrel and then a grey one and it was fun to watch them vie for territorial rights for a bit. We are easily entertained!

Lunch was in the cafe at the entrance and we found two tables we could put together for an enjoyable lunch. From there, we walked to the Conservatory and saw a great perennial garden, then exotics, rain forest plants, and desert plants inside. Here, there were lots of works by Chihuly. Going back outside, we walked around a big pool with water lilies in bloom and past it (I hadn't seen the empty flower pods before) and a new piece by Chihuly that were glass pieces put together like tents on the water. Another piece is neon tubes that probably look fantastic at night, but don't photograph well by day.

Our last stop was at the gift shop of course. There were lots of things for sale, but no lapel pins, so I didn't get anything. It was said this place is a National Historic Landmark, so I was surprised to not see anything related to the National Park here. I had to Google it and sure enough, it is a NHL!

We left before 3 PM to avoid rush hour traffic, but the GPS told us to go South upon leaving the Garden and Diana had to get us back to our starting point to try again. The GPS wanted to take us through NYC and over the G. Washington Bridge to get home! We stayed on the east of the Hudson until the Tappan Zee Bridge, and came back the way we went down. We got home around 5 PM and all of us had a great day. It was beautiful both with the weather and the sights!

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