Crater Lake....Continued! travel blog

Huge vistas, hard to capture even using panoramic mode.

Where the antelope play (didn't see any).

Goodbye Oregon!

I didn't get checked out and goodbyes said until almost noon. Last year was more efficient, because I knew I had to drive all the way to Olympic National Park. Today I should have held onto a little more sense of urgency, but I did make it to my destination of Wells, Nevada. There is not much in Wells...or in much of Nevada, from what I see. I passed through beautiful but somewhat haunting desert. This much of my trip was a backtrack over the route I took to Crater Lake, so I didn't have too many surprises. It was nice to know ahead of time about the 179 mile stretch without gasoline. I made it to Winnemucca shortly after sunset and then drove the rest of the way (mostly interstate) in the dark. I didn't mind missing this scenery because I saw it outbound, and because it doesn't differ much from what I saw all day. Open roads, blue (SMOKE FREE!!!) skies, billowing clouds, and sagebrush. Great driving conditions!

500 miles closer to home, with a big day planned for tomorrow.

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