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Cute little bar

Melbourne at night

Penguin over shoulder, look carefully


Baby penguin

Saw the penguins last night! Natural penguins, not in captivity! Some babies came out of their little den too.

Took my roommates out for some beer last night. Strangely enough, walking down one of the busiest streets in Melbourne... not a single bar. I've been told by a few locals, to wonder down random alleys. The best, smallest little places will be off the beaten path. So I took a random street that didn't look to have any promise and bam! Cute little bar stuck between 2 building. Had a blast... I laugh cause it was kinda like the start to a joke... an American, a French, and an Austrian walk into a bar! Haha!

On my way now to see more penguins (they come back from feeding in the ocean just after the sun disappears). Also gonna feed some kangaroo and koalas.

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