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We had an interesting and long day generally sussing out the sounds, smells, people's and of course famous buildings in a couple of New York suburbs. They say New York is a good city for walking and boy are they right, we certainly walked our little tootsies off today.

An early morning walk across the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge with magnificent views of lower Manhatten made me think of the many times Ellen, Gill and I walk across Sydney Harbour bridge into the city.

It is a pretty fine bridge, really attractive and well thought out with cars below and pedestrians above and such a picture perfect sunny autumn morning to enjoy the views. We headed up into Brooklyn which was pretty with its brownstone townhouses and tree lined avenues on a 3 hour self guided walking tour (which reminded me of the many 'Margo guided' walks I've enjoyed around inner Sydney. Morning coffee was along Atlantic Avenue where we experienced a Middle Eastern aspect of New York, so we did what the locals did and consumed baklava and Turkish coffee in this rather interesting area.

Next was the subway to Lower East area to check out Little Italy and China Town. I enjoyed Little Italy however found China Town a bit like China Town the world over, too many chicken feet and sweet and sour pork.

The highlight of the day was a late lunch at Katz Deli, wow what a feed. This Jewish deli is a New York institution and is famous for its hot towering Pastrami/cheese/mustard Reuben sandwiches served with pickles and a lot of New York attitude, we sensibly shared a sandwich which kept us going until dinner time. Best sandwich I have ever eaten.

After lunch we explored the Gramercy and Flatiron district on another of our famous self guided walking tours (no wonder my feet are sore). The Flatiron triangle building was unique, the huge farmers market in Union Square plus all the action taking place, Chess players, skateboarding, Hare Krishners (I thought they were a thing of the past but there again this is NY where anything goes, a healthy case of 'live and let live'), past private clubs, posh townhouses in pretty leafy avenues (can't imagine it in winter), Madison Square Park etc.

We enjoyed Eataly which is a massive Italian type Market eating court, more authentically Italian than Rome, great spot. There was even a beach beer garden above all the eating areas (my Italian hairdresser in Asquith recommended we check it out, now we have to go back before lunch, not after a Katz Deli Reuben).

Finally when we couldn't walk anymore and had sat in Union Square for long enough watching New Yorkers do

what New Yorkers do on a Monday afternoon, we stopped at a lovely pavement side pub for a cold, thirst quenching beer and then wound our weary way home on the ancient, not so comfy subway.

I'm really enjoying the New York vibes and am fascinated by the people, not the weirdo's or druggies, it's the generally strange people around who I find interesting and amusing. Love the way they all talk for eg., I'm called 'baby' as I order my sandwich by this big handsome looking African man (an old dame like me taken for a Babe heh heh).

Today was 9/11, we were aware of the date and purposely kept away from the Memorial to enable the locals to pay their respects withou hoards of tourists getting in the way.

Bring on tomorrow, we start our New York Pass tomorrow so have an exceptionally busy day planned.

I wander how Maddie coped today without her 'gannnny', haven't heard yet, hope they treated her right!

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