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Great Armory

Neptune Fountain

Crowds in front of Golden Gate

Long Street Gate

The Upland Gate

Mushrooms! at the Market

St. Katherine's Church - inside

The Great Mill

The first morning in our Gdansk apartment we both woke up cold - Judi B in the living room (billed as a second bedroom) with 2 blankets and me in the bedroom with one blanket and a jacket - I woke up several times looking for more blankets to no avail. Judi contacted Marcin asking how to turn on the heat. Marcin rang the doorbell to inform us that the city will not turn on the heat until the end of September but he would get us a portable heater to use. So figuring it might be warmer outside than in we quickly were ready to venture out for the day after starting a load of laundry. First stop was breakfast at Cafe Libertas where they serve bacon, ham and sausage (not either or) with fried or scrambled eggs! Then it was time to explore the city. Following the devastation of the Second World War the city was meticulously reconstructed and based on what we have seen they are still reconstructing - cranes and scaffolding all over the city! Off to the TI to get local maps and info to add to our list of 'want to sees'. We started out following Rick Steve's suggestions and the 'Royal Walk'. Did not take us long to divert and do our own thing! We are loving the architecture a little bit of German, Italian, Polish and a lot of Dutch/Flemish. Some of the highlights were the Great Armory (the city arsenal built in 1600-1609) today it is the Academy of Fine arts; Neptune's Fountain; the Golden Gate (built in 1612-1614), Gateway of Long Street (built in second half of the 14th century) and the Upland Gate (built in the late 16th century as the main entrance to the City and was the beginning of the Royal Walk). These three gates are all in a row one behind the other. Of course we had to check out the Market Hall with the many vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers. Other walk bys included the Great Mill (built in the early 1300s with as many as 18 water wheels to run water from the man made 17 km long canal to fill the castle moat, supply drinking water and power the industrial plants of the Old Town); Saint Brigitte's Church and Jack's Tower. The big highlight was Saint Katherine's church, originally stood here in the 10th century was bombarded in 1945 and burned down; the reconstruction lasted until 1987; some of the artifacts were evacuated earlier and did survive. We ventured back to the apartment to rest before going out to dinner at 47 Piwna (excellent) and riding the Amber Sky Ferris wheel. P.S. We did get our portable heater about 10:00pm and were toasty warm watching tennis. JC

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