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Christine Falls

Lower Christine Falls

Kathleen and Martha

Lower Christine Falls View

Narada Falls

Us at Christine Falls

Kathleen and Martha

View of Smokey Mountains

Steve and Martha

Smokey View of Far Mounain Range

View of Mt. Rainier at Visitor's Center

View of Smokey Mountains

Another View of Mt. Rainier

Record Setting Temperatures

Nasqually River Bed with Round Boulders

Walking Bridge over Nasqually River

Carter Falls

Mt. Rainier NP Campsite

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Narada Falls

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Christine Falls

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Christine Falls Lower

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Nasqually River

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Nasqually River Foot Bridge

September 5 – Drive and Hike to Park Waterfalls

The throngs of folks were gone. We had the park to ourselves.

We three drove our car up the mountain again and stopped at two waterfalls along the newly paved road. In the now empty pullouts, we also viewed the smoky vistas of the distant mountains.

In search for a cell phone signal or WiFi signal, we drove down the mountain to Ashford. We filled our gas tank at the only fuel station in miles and learned from the local fire chief who was filling his fire truck with diesel that the fire station across the road had free WiFi.

The WiFi was free and weak but we could download our e-mails by standing outside the firehouse window.

Because of the record breaking high ambient temperatures, we decided to drive further down the road to Elbe, a small logging mountain town with a Trump sign modified with the Pence name made unreadable. But, there was a small sandwich shop that offered nice sandwiches.

We drove a bit more in the 90F+ air with the car A/C on to keep Martha cool : ) and then headed back to our warm home. We cooled the RV down again with the generator and A/C combo from 88F down to 78F.

After I did some small repairs, I went for a hike to view two more waterfalls that were about a mile from our campground. I had to cross the Nisqually River to get to the trail.

The river bed was wide and filled with large round rocks and one fast moving stream. The water was from melting ice of the glaciers and was a tan, muddy color. I could hear but not see the rocks that were tumbling down in the rushing water. I knew that the water was from melting ice because the ranger who spoke the night before said that they had received 1” of rain in the last 88 days.

The trail to the two waterfalls was steep in some places to gain the 600’ elevation gain. I used a hiking stick to keep the weight off of my knee.

The Carter and Madcap Falls were nice but the Christine Falls viewed in the morning was the best so far.

Upon my return, we turned on the propane water heater and after 10 minutes, enjoyed a hot navy-type shower.

Our fresh water tank is down to 1/3 or about 10 gallons so I will add water tomorrow.

Our coach batteries drop to about 80% over night with the exhaust fan running, the propane valve open for the refrigerator and the inverter (12v to 110v) on for Kathleen’s personal fan and phone charging. With the smoke, the solar panels do not have the sunlight to fully charge the batteries during the day. Running the generator does help recharge them when they are running.

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