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Marina Bay Hotel, Singapore. Went to the observation deck - stunning!

Marina Bay Hotel and other magnificent buildingsd, Singapore.

View from observation deck onto Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

Wooden dragon inside cFlower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Inside Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. World's largest glass greenhouse.

Oh dear....I feel a beer coming on. Ao Nang.

Yes - this is an actual working fuse box! Ao Nang

3 Lovely days in Singapore, staying at Grand Mercure Roxy on the East Coast Road. At first glance Singapore appears to be one giant Disneyesque theme park – every blade of grass, every tree in place, evenly spaced with absolutely no rubbish anywhere. Enormous shiny high-end shopping malls and high-rise apartments. Somewhat soulless. Glad to report that, with a little scratching, there are also parts of the old Singapore still standing. We’ve found an area behind our hotel with a great hawker’s centre (meaning cheap local authentic food eaten at tin tables) and, praise be to God, a little smell here, a little rubbish there – Asia as it should be! This place is growing at an amazing pace. There is an area of land between the hotel and the bay (say a city block) with numerous high-rise apartment blocks, all painted white with pale grey trim, each block bearing not a name but a number. 89 Seems to be the highest. 1984 Revisited. George Orwell where are you!!?? Don’t get me wrong, the architecture, road systems, public transport are gob-smacking but seem to lack some humanity.

We are now in Ao Nang, Thailand, our go-to place every year to veg out. 10 Days of our usual early morning walks, breakfast and then a massage. Again another area on the move with more hotels, travel agencies and restaurants than you can poke a stick at. It’s low season so so too masny people. Very relaxing in fact.

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