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We left Amboseli yesterday (Tuesday) morning at a decent 9 am and while heading out of the park did a bit of a game-drive. It then took us until 4 pm to reach Nairobi, having a "picnic" boxlunch on a blanket just off the main road!!!! As our flight didn't leave until midnight, and our US companions at 11:30 pm we made a deal with Moses our driver suggesting we take him for a nice dinner at the Eka Hotel. He agreed and prior to the dinner we went to a very neat and well known bead factory, employing somewhere around 340 women making and glazing different shapes of beads. We had an informative tour of the facilities and of course were then directed to the shop. Really nice merchandise and of course some sales were made. On to the modern and upscale hotel where we had a very nice dinner, listening to some of Moses' experiences. We were at the airport around 8 pm and went through four security checks. Upon arrival in Amsterdam we were again put through the mill, being informed that Nairobi is considered a less desirable place to come from. Not a problem as safety is a concern for all. Presently having a nice relaxed coffee at Starbucks and then to kill another five hours before we board again.

I want to thank everyone for having the patience to travel with us, albeit from the comfort of your chair.

Rita's turn:

Els summarized our last day very well. The drive through and around Nairobi was interesting to say the least. Lots of traffic, high level of pollution, herds of cows grazing along the side of the major highway, shacks selling all kinds of stuff from fruits to used shoes etc. At the Nairobi airport we went through four security checks, and on arrival in Amsterdam, Security with sniffing dogs met us as we exited the plane, and our carry on bags had to clear security again as we were told we were arriving from an airport that was "unsafe". What a great experience this has been! Travelling in third world countries had its moments, but the wildlife was plentiful and lots of lots of photos to remember them all. Now feeling a bit tired and happy to be heading home. Glad to have shared this experience with you and thank you for your comments.


Thank you Rita for being my travel companion. I came across a poem I liked and will share it with you:


When you have acquired a taste for the dust,

And the scent of our first rain,

You're hooked for life on Africa

And you'll not be right again.

Until you can watch the setting moon

And hear the jackals bark,

And know they are around you

Waiting in the dark.

When you long to see the elephants

Or hear the coucal's song,

When the moonrise sets your blood on fire,

Then you've been away too long.

It is time to cut the traces loose,

And let your heart go free,

Beyond that far horizon

Where your spirit yearns to be.

Africa is waiting - come!

Since you have touched the open sky

And learned to love the rustling grass

And the wild fish eagle's cry.

You'll always hunger for the bush;

For the lion's rasping roar,

To camp at last beneath the stars

And to be at peace once more.

KARIBU everyone

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