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Due to lightening we were a bit late leaving RDU but arrived in Paris with half of China. Took a little bit to get through immigration but we were glad we had not checked any luggage as it looked like a zoo in baggage claim.

Purchased our museum passes, metro tickets and train tickets into Paris before leaving the airport. Managed the train and metro no problem and found the apartment of Ms. Dulac, the sweet 90 year old lady that would hold our luggage for us until 1:30 when we could check into our studio apartment.

Decided we had time to get a couple of museum visits in. Looked at the map and found that we could get to Orangerie in a short time. Well we couldn't figurey Sainte out what direction to go towards the river. Thought we were by the Royal Palais and gardens but we were actually by the Royal Palais Theater and Gardens, finally after a circle and a few wrong turns we found our way and walked through the Tulleries Gardens and to the museum. WSe viewed Claude Monet's Water Lilies and then headed back to Ms. Dulac's (took us a lot less time, got our luggage and headed over to the loft. No lift, second floor, which for American's means 3rd floor, but Laurent carried our luggage for us!

We ran across the street to the bakery and got some croissants and a gigantic meringue. We then headed fhest hill or Notre Dame. Seeing there was no line as we were passing by Sainte-Chapelle we went in for a visit. While there we witnessed a marriage proposal, certainly a more unique spot than the Eiffel Tower. 5 years ago when Verne and I visited it they were restoring some of the stained glass windows; it was nice to see all of them this time.

After visiting Notre Dame we stopped at the Deportation Memorial.

We headed to Ile St. Louis to the Amorino Gelati for the best gelato. They arrange it in the cone so it looks like a rose. I had the most delicious dark chocolate and Heather got the classic with a macaroni stuck in the middle. YUMMY!

A beautiful day so we decided to head to Sacre-Cour Basilica in Montmarte on the highest hill in Paris. Managed to find the Metro station and arrived and took the funicular to the top for the gorgeous view. Lots of people. Plenty of beer and wine to purchase by the bottle from the same street vendors selling Eiffel Tower statues and key chains. Headed back down. Heather's metro ticket still let her through to the funicular, mine said it was invalid (time limit) but I just went through the exit behind the lady with the baby stroller. Next stop was Arc of Triomphe. I forgot how many steps there were to reach the top but we did make and had a magnificent view of the city. Last time I was on the top it was night so it was nice to get a daylight view.

We decided to head back to our "home" but we wanted to go to the market first to get some food for breakfast and snacks. Again we do where the market was but we had a bit of a problem finding it! Cheese and crackers, a 3 EURO bottle of wine for Heather, carrots and hummus and 2 bags of gummy bears we headed back to the apartment.

We walked more than 9 miles. We are tired, our feet and legs ache and we have an early morning tomorrow.

Difference noticed in Paris from when Verne and I visited 5 years ago is there are more security checks to visit places and there were police standing on the streets with automatic rifles.

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