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Whoops sorry i forgot to send a 'Happy Anniversary' message to you all, not to worry though Em sent me a text message a day late to me..when i told her that it was a day late she simply said 'Well thats the day my mum told me' Bless her, honestly she has become more independent and wise on this trip!

So the end of the year means we are winding down our stay in Australia, booking flights home and having panic attacks about what exactly we are going to do when we get home? Don't expect any answers on any of it as things change on a daily basis. Most people by the grand old age of 25 have some sort of idea where they are going to live and actually have jobs/houses. We just have backpacks!(oh and lots of summer clothes that are going to come in really handy in England)

So right now, Em is in Western Australia in a car and sleeping in a swag (aussie version of a sleeping bag) and i'm pretending to be busy and important at PricewaterhouseCoopers - in my opinion there is something not fair about this situation! Anyway im off to New Zealand on the 9th October and Em joins me on 11th. Then we have 2 weeks of exploring before jetting off to Bali for a 2 week stint in the sun - diving, swimming, massages on the beach and Em's 26th Birthday.

After that we both fly to Singapore where i think im leaving Emma (knowing us it will change again) and im going solo (terrified) around Malaysia/Thailand.

Then at some point we might consider coming home!

I just wanted to let you all know we are ok and that in the next few weeks the journal will get interesting again as we will actually be doing something other than working!

Love to you all

Vik/Em x x x

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