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Belvedere Terrace and Fountain

Imagine Mosaic

Taking Off

Tallin Apt - On the 4th floor on the left edge

Our Front Door

Today we leave for Tallinn but our flight is not until 6:00 p.m. So we checked out of our hotel, stored our luggage and headed for Central Park. It is a gorgeous day and we had a nice leisurely walk to the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain Overlook and over to Strawberry Fields to see the Imagine mosaic, a couple of my favorite places. We found a nice Italian cafe for a late lunch and split a beet and goat cheese salad and proscuitto and mozzarella panino. Both the food and the service was excellent. We think there was more staff than customers. Then it was back to the hotel to get our luggage and meet our driver for the ride to JFK. Our flight on Lot was uneventful except we were disappointed wine was not included. Fortunately, it only cost $2.95 a bottle. We had arranged for a driver to pick us up in Tallin and he was going to also bring our keys for our apartment. We were quite surprised to find his vehicle was a red Tesla. We arrived in Tallin in style. Our apartment is located in Old Town and it is pedestrian only. So the driver had to drop us off about 200 meters away. We headed off down the cobblestone streets hauling our luggage looking for #4. Well we couldn't find it and ended up in the town square. With some backtracking we found #6 and #2 so we figured the building between had to be it. However, when I tried the keys none of them worked. After looking some more, Judi tried the keys again and got them to work. Our instructions were to enter the gate (it was a door), walk to the end, turn right, go thru another door, take the elevator to the 4th floor, go thru another door, walk to the end, turn right, and find Apt #2. It was like a treasure hunt. By now we had been up for about 28 hours and it was only 4 p.m. We had picked up salads at the Warsaw airport so we wouldn't have to go out for dinner but we decided we wanted some wine. Judi found a wine shop close on her phone and we headed out only to realize by the time we found it that it was Sunday and, of course, they were closed. We found a caviar tasting shop that sold us a small bottle of champagne and we had that with our salads. We lasted until about 7:30 before falling asleep but both woke up in the middle of the night. JB

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