Iceland Circumnavigate 2017 travel blog

Akureyri Harbor


Godafoss Falls








Mature Ptarmigan


Lake Myvatn








End of lava flow


Rope Lava


Subglacial Volcano








Thermal power plant




















Steaming fumerole





Viti Crater









Blue Whale skeleton that Iceland tried to save



Pilot Whale

Sperm Whale

Map of Iceland


Husavik Harbor

Husavik Church

A truly highlight day!!! Lake Myvatn is at the center of one of the most geologically active and stunningly beautiful areas in Iceland. Bubbling mud pools, volcanic craters, newborn lava fields and grassy shoals teeming with waterfowl are among the many attractions of the area. One of the most bizarre attractions in the region is the mud pits of Haverarond, which literally boil from the heat. Vibrant colors, steaming fumaroles, and the stingy smell of sulfur fills the air. Far cooler are the waters of Viti, which fill its explosive crater with a rich hue of blue that is both captivating and memorable. A+ for the geothermal show today!

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