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We spent two nights at the Mawe camp, which I will describe. Large tents are situated in an open area not protected by fences and wildlife roams around and through the camp easily. There are about eight individual tents for nightly accommodation, actually very large. Each tent contains a queen and a standard bed, shower, toilet, washbasin and a small area with a desk. there are separate tents for a kitchen, a dining room and a bar/sitting room. Electricity is supplied via solar panels and hot water is only supplied at certain times. Neither Rita or I are "campers" and although this camp was rated as a luxury camp we did not like trying to find things holding a flashlight as the few light bulbs didn't provide much light. A memorable thing however happened last night while having our dinner in the dining room tent. A large male lion had a peak at us through the see-through entrance netting of the tent, which luckily was zippered up. We all went outside and watched the lion slowly walk away. The previous night I heard a Cape buffalo scraping our tent unbeknownst to sleeping Rita. This also happened to another guest in their tent which confirmed the fact that I was not hallucinating.

This morning we left for Ngorongoro area and crater. The crater is well known for the abundance of wildlife, which I have experienced during two previous visits to the crater, however today was not fulfilling. Granted we saw a lot of lions, a serval cat and some other animals, but overall I think our young guide did not take us to the most promising areas.

Anyway, we are happy with what we have seen and are now relaxing in the beautiful Sopa Lodge, located high on the rim of the crater. Today's drive was extremely dusty and it was so good to have a proper shower. The buffet dinner was excellent and accommodation grand with all the amenities.

Tomorrow we see what Tarangire Park will have to offer us.

P.S. if you received two updates with the same date, they are not copies and are different. I blame it on this software program I'm using.

will be continued.........

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