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As usual we started out early and very soon we encountered two cheetahs in preparation of a hunt. We followed them for some time and watch their strategy. One cheetah to our right and the other to our left. We were also amidst oodles of Tomson gazelles and Impala so it was a pretty sure thing that the cheetahs were preparing breakfast. This actually happened when one cheetah made her choice and the chase started. Unfortunately she was unsuccessful but for us it was a wonderful experience again. In short during our day we saw a total of six cheetahs in five different locations, which is a rare occurrence. We then spotted a lion on top of a rock and another lion secreted in a rock crevice fast asleep. Then a cheetah again, and again. We then enjoyed seeing a pride of lions resting under a tree after a huge meal, consisting of two males, three lionesses and four cute cubs.

It was a close encounter.

We were also lucky to see blackback jackals, Egyptian geese, lots a hippos and buffaloes, a variety of antelopes and gazelles, Kori busterd and secretary bird (big birds) and other miscellaneous animals.

Noteworthy is Rita's very first "bush toilet visit" during our lunch break........a real accomplishment! Just thought I'd mention it.

The best thing for me were the many elephants who decided we were in their way and passed our vehicle on both sides within 10 inches. It was exciting but also a bit worrisome having these huge creatures passing so close. It turned out that they were after the big mud puddle right behind our vehicle and when they started to spray their backs with this liquid it also sprayed right into our vehicle. Katja, our companion, had a blouse splattered with mud, while Eric had some of it hit his face. Rita had a few spots on her blouse and I was completely spared.

We're now back at the camp and I'm getting ready to chase Rita our of the shower and wash of all this dust. For those of you who are perhaps contemplating a safari, don't expect to be as lucky as our group has been. The amount of cheetahs, lions and leopards doesn't happen very often so we have been so fortunate. Tomorrow the Ngorongoro crater. See you then.

Tried to upload photos, but no luck today.

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