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Lobster Cove

Lobster Point light

Looking south along the coast from Lobster Point

Wreckage from the SS Ethie run aground in 1919

A bit of a disappointment today. I’d booked on a boat trip along Western Brook Pond which is a landlocked fiord & the boat trip is supposed to be one of the must-do things here. To get there, I had to drive about 30 minutes north of Rocky Harbour, then hike 3 km to the dock.

I left in plenty of time but when I got to the parking lot, which is in the middle of nowhere, it was jam packed full, no room for a car much less a motorhome. I stopped up the road for a while, thinking that 2 tours might be overlapping, but when I got back there it was even worse.

The only good thing was that I’d booked but hadn’t paid & had one bar on my phone so could call & cancel but I was annoyed that I couldn’t do the trip. I have to come back this way & by then it will be after Labour Day so maybe I’ll try again.

It was a lovely day so I meandered back down the coast to Rocky Harbour & spent the afternoon watching the tennis, shaking my head at Nick Kyrgrios’ umpteenth meltdown.

I stopped at a couple of interesting places. First of all, the wreck of SS Ethie which the captain intentionally ran aground during a violent storm in 1919. The passengers & crew were all rescued via a boson’s chair with the help of locals & according to the story, a baby was sent ashore in a mailbag. After nearly 100 years, there’s a remarkable amount of wreckage still visible along the beach.

I also stopped at the Lobster Point lighthouse. There was a guide there so I asked her if they still caught lobster. She said that they do but their season is in May/June which is why I can’t find any local lobster.

Apparently there are 44 different sectors in the Maritime Provinces all with staggered seasons which is why the season was just starting around PEI when I was there. She told me parts of Nova Scotia have 2 seasons so I’ll have to find out where & when the lobster are available.

I had a visit from my neighbours this afternoon who thought they were catching up with a fellow traveller from BC. They were from Chilliwack & were surprised to find this crazy lady from Australia. The Canadians have been super friendly everywhere. Back at Deer Lake, a lady brought me a jar of blueberries they’d picked because she’d noticed I was travelling alone.

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