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Cub's zebra dinner

Shredded tire

Beautiful leopard


Again departure at 7 pm from the beautiful accommodations. On our way to the Tanzanian border we did a short gamedrive and were rewarded with some lions. We continued on at a good rate, bouncing up and dawn for a road massage. We had a blowout front left tire, which was completely shredded. Fortunately the van carried two spare tires so George used the last one to get us moving again. Kids gathered and I gave them a Canadian pin as well as nuts and crackers, little knowing that my own lunch would be so poor. We continued on the the border crossing, applied for a visa and said a sad farewell to George, handing us over to the Tanzanian guide. We obtained our visas and were told it would take approx. two hours to reach the tented camp. That two hours became four hours with Simon, our new guide, travelling at Mach speed on the extremely bumpy roads. The vehicle was an old 1995 Jeep 𿚙 and didn't give us much room which was problematic to say the least. At times Rita and I were actually airborne and my kidneys are still shaking. Got to the Serengeti gate finally, registered and then were told it would be another two hours before we reached camp. That two hours turned into four very bouncy hours and the disappointment and annoyance starting creeping in. However, our annoyance tempered as soon as we saw a large male lion laying quite in the open a few yards away from his pride. We moved a little bit and counted some twenty family members, some cubs being very young. Although we apparently were in a rush to get to the camp, we kept being interrupted by animal sightings, Dik Dik - the tiniest antilope - hyenas and another leopard, but rather far away from where we were. Continued our bouncing by mad driver Simon until Rita spotted a gorgeous young female leopard, crossing behind our car and then posing for a nice picture. It made the bumpy day better.

More tomorrow.

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