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Again on our way at 7 am. Encountered a male lion having wildebeest for breakfast. Further on we noticed another huge male lion next to his recent kill. He was so full, having consumed forty kilos of meat so that all he wanted to do was rest.

We proceeded to the Mara river, passing hundreds of wildebeest scattered throughout the Mara. Upon reaching one of the river crossings, there were hundreds of zebra lined up to attempt the crossing, being very aware of the large crocodiles. Some ventured close to the water to have a drink, all the while being very skittish. We waited for a long time for the first one to start the crossing, but they were spooked every time.

We left the river and visited a Masai village, being the third visit for me but not comparable to previous larger villages. The Masai have definitely discovered how profitable visits can be as they now charge US 30.00 per person. The village was relatively small and so was the presentation. Needless to say we were a bit disappointed. We had brought pencils, pens and toothbrushes and I also had Canadian pins for the kids. It turned out that the pins were extremely popular with the adult males, one even putting them in his ears 𯑂.

We returned to the river crossing but although some zebras were actually in the water, they quickly returned to land as a large crocodile was about to welcome them. So we decided to go for lunch first hoping they will cross when we return to the river.


Luck, as far as the river crossing is concerned, was not In the cards for us as the situation remained unchanged. Instead we saw a herd of about 22 elephants 𯐘 crossing our path with quite a few babies, one as young as three weeks. We then came across a pride of lions 䏕 and admired those for a while. The country side was still littered with thousands of wildebeest and zebras, some of them moving in single file as far as the eye could see. It still amazed us to see the sheer number of these animals. Proceeded to view some more wildlife while trying to find the rhino 芑 reported to be in the neighbourhood. We bounced around for some time and ultimately came across another pride of lions with about seven cubs, some as young as six weeks and some about 3 month old. The mothers were resting after their zebra meal and the cubs were having a good time gnawing and jumping around as young ones do.

In my opinion we had another great day.

On to Tanzania 𯇹𯇿 tomorrow.

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