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Gander is a town built around an airport. Because of its low incidence of fog, it was chosen as the site of an English air base in the 1930s. During WW2 Gander became an important base for convoy escort & coastal patrol aircraft as well as a refuelling stop for many planes crossing the Atlantic. It remained an important refuelling stop for commercial aircraft for several decades after the war.

When all the US airports were closed after the 9/11 attacks, the population of Gander doubled as hundreds of planes were diverted to Canadian airports. The people of Gander rose to the challenge & stranded passengers were made comfortable & welcome for those 4 days in homes, schools & wherever else they could be housed & fed.

It started raining during the night but luckily it stopped long enough this morning for me to pack up without getting soaked. There was obviously more rain around so I decided I might as well drive because there wasn’t much to see.

This park at Deer Lake suits me just fine. I’ve got everything I need, including a strong TV signal, so I’ll stay here a few days. I can get the last episode of Game of Thrones tomorrow night then the US Open tennis starts on Monday.

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