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Rita and a Masai

Look, I can hold my own bottle.

A giraffe kiss

My elephant Sana Sana

Rita's elephant Ambo

with Drew from the tv show "property brothers"

You'll all be glad to know that our hotel in Nairobi provided us with some much needed sleep, even though time difference was responsible for cutting it down to about four hours. Today we are looking forward to some great experiences and we'll tell you about that after our busy day. Nairobi lies at an altitude of 5,500 ft above sea level and has no real variations in the climate. Average temps range from 21C in January to 16C in July.

We have been blessed with a nice sunny day which has provided us with a lot of good memories. We started the day by visiting the David Sheldrick wildlife trust when precisely at 11 am 28 baby orphaned elephants ran to the viewing area surrounded by spectators. We watched as they gullibly drank their bottles of milk, some even holding their own bottle and quickly looking to see if there were more to be had. One of the keepers introduced each and everyone of them and told us about their rescue, for instance, where they were found, in what circumstances and how old they were at the time of rescue. At was delightful to watch their antics and interaction with each other and the keepers.

We were then chauffered to the Giraffe Mansion where we fed the giraffes with one of them actually taking the pellet out of my mouth........a genuine giraffe kiss.

Had a lovely lunch at a crocodile farm and on to the Karen Blixen house, the author of "Out of Africa" but apparently not so a successful coffee grower.

Because Rita and myself have each adopted an orphaned elephant, we were allowed to have a more private time with them at 5 pm. The little ones were hurrying in from the field at a great pace, eager for their evening bottle of milk. We visited "our" elephants in their stockade and were able to touch them and again watch them eat and drink but not from a distance this time. All in all a busy but great day.

I will post some pictures, which will show on the site as thumbnails. Please click on each thumbnail picture to enlarge.

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