Gord & Val 's 2017 Balkans Trip travel blog

What a drive! From Delphi we wound around the mountain, fantastic views in all directions! Then to make life even more interesting we started to climb via hairpin curves almost to the top of the mountain.....and found a red-tile roofed city just clinging to the mountain side. Its name was Arahova. It seemed a busy little city with big restaurants....maybe they host bus tours on their way to Delphi. We stopped across from Arahova to look back the way we had come. Hazy mountain valleys, albeit, a thin haze, the small city and its total extent, and high mountain peaks greeted us. Stunning. We followed this road till just north of Athens when we went on the motorway.

Traffic picked up. No one but us seemed to be driving the speed limit. Either they were speeding by or annoyingly slow. But we had no problems following Clio to our hotel...even saw it before she did. We had to circle a traffic circle completely to get to our hotel.

To check in we had a short wait. After settling in, we had lunch and caught the yellow "get on, get off" bus around town almost back to our hotel. We got off to see the Archeology Museum. It is filled with ancient pottery, statues, some complete, some headless and others missing limbs. It had a bronze section, an Egyptian section, and sections from most areas of Greece.

Of particular interest was a lifesize jockey on a horse. The detail was amazing. You could see the passion in his eyes as he spurred the horse onward.

There was an area dedicated to a find from a shipwreck that included marble statues and bronzes. Some were the worse for wear, others not so much. An astrolab and astronaumical clock. The clock is the only one that has been found. Maybe Archimedes was involved in its making.

There were many big urns as well as smaller funerary pottery items.

An area full of Mycean gold artefacts was interesting. Jewellery as well as funeral masks, tableware, myrtle leaf diadems and broad neck pieces were included.

We spent over 2 hours exploring the museum. I managed to go through most of the Egyptian rooms before they closed the area. Some of the upstairs exhibits were also closed. Apparently they send people home early rather than pay them a full day as they are short of funds. It is too bad if this is your only chance to see the exhibits....or so I was told.

It was after 5 when we caught the bus back to Karaiskaki Square. Our hotel, Apollo, is just down the street. We stopped for a drink at a tavern nearby.

I didn't mention our excitement at seeing the Parthenon or the Acropolis high on its hill. The Temple of Zeus...or the few remaining columns caused a stir as did Hadrian's Arch. The Library building is neat...new but stylized after the ancient buildings is neat as well.

Now we are going to eat. Tomorrow we plan to start early to see the Acropolis before it gets too hot.

We had dinner in the rooftop garden of our hotel. While we ate, we watched an amazing view of the Acropolis. As the sun set and the lights came on at the Acropolis. First the Parthenon lit up. Then the Acropolis lit with green lights that became yellow and then white. At first the lights below masked the Parthenon but soon the lights seemed to become more defined and the Parthenon was easy to pick out. We turned and Athens was also alight. Spectacular.


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