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Our ferry to Macau

Pastel da nata

St Dominic's

Forte vier to the Lisboa Casino

The traditional house

Galaxy mall

The Venetian

Spot Adam!

The Parisian

View from the harbour

Today we visited Macau and in recent true Adam and Katie lazy-style we didn't manage to get there until 3pm. We had to take a boat from HK to get there and getting on the boat was challenging enough with our dodgy bought ticket from the not so legit shop next to the official sales counter.

When we arrived we thought we had entered a furnace as the heat was even stronger than Hong Kong! However that didn't stop us from taking the local bus to the centre where we were able to marvel at the Portuguese architecture (along with the seemingly thousands of other people who had also decided to descend on Macau that day). Adam also decided it would be rude not to eat a pastel da nata which was the first stop on our itinerary. We then visited St Dominic's Church which was beautiful and very Portuguese in architecture. We then visited the Forte which is one of the higher points in Macau (bad idea in the weather) but did get some great views of the island as well as the famous Lisboa casino.

After visiting the Forte we then visited a traditional Macau house which was beautiful and surprisingly empty of visitors (despite being free).

Finally we took another bus to Taipa which is on a separate island to where we had been for the majority of the day to visit the amazing casinos which rival Las Vegas in their grandoir and elegance. Firstly we visited the Galaxy complex which contained no less than six separate hotels, 120 restaurant, enough shops to spend a week shopping in and also a huge casino. After this we visited the Venetian Hotel which is similar to the one in Las Vegas with the canals of Venice running through the hotel and gondolas taking people for rides. The building was amazing with typical Italian architecture everywhere and of course another huge casino to keep the punters happy. Finally we visited the Parisian which is a French themed hotel. There was a smaller version of the Eiffel tower as well as the Champs Elysées alongside fountains and painted ceilings.

As time was not on our side and we needed to get back to HK we decided to utilise the free shuttle buses the hotels put on for guests and headed back to the port for our boat journey back to HK.

Overall Macau is a surreal place, the income of the casinos here are higher than ALL other casinos in the world... Combined (and that includes Las Vegas). Alongside the Portuguese architecture it certainly makes for a different day out than your average day!

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