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Baby koala!!

Koala climbing

A scenic stop


**sigh** Our last day on the Oz bus! We had to say goodbye to our driver Mike, who was replaced by a pretty boring driver. Had some Aussie McDonalds for brekky, and when we got on the bus the first thing we heard was a radio news announcer talking about Geroge W. Bush screwing up a speech about terrorism. They proceeded to play the clip, and we all recoiled in shame. Being the only Americans on the bus, it was really humiliating.

We were all exhausted from being out until 2 the night before and looking forward to a long bus ride where we could nap, but unfortunately the ride to Brisbane was short and we made frequent stops. One stop was at a zoo where we got to see some more koalas and learn a little about them. Turns out that koalas are some of the laziest animals around: they sleep for about 20 hrs a day, mostly because they do not drink any liquids and only eat eucalyptus leaves, and therefore they have very little energy. Their babies stay in the mother's pouch for 6 months! Also, koalas have two thumbs on each hand and 3 fingers.

We got to Brisbane around 1 PM and had until 6 to explore the city before we would catch a train to the airport for our flight to Sydney. We ate a great lunch at a cafe called Pig and Whistle, walked along the river, encountered yet another public lagoon (we thought it was so special in Cairns, guess not!), and went to various shops. Finally we went to the airport and flew to Sydney--they gave us complimentary wine on the flight! Around 10 we checked into the Wake Up! hostel, which is really really awesome. We were all exhausted so we just crashed.

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