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tells of ancient people

remains of Dorset house brought here and constructed

painting on wall in theater

Motto is the whale (not a shark's tooth)

Visitor Center modeled after fishing shacks and Indian dwellings

start of trail is over limestone barrens

look like buttercups

miniature plants

more miniature plants

beautiful views

into the stunted forest called tuckamore

bake-apple in peat at beginning of forest part of trail

lilies in the pond

turned back here - running out of time

colorful plant I missed before

little brown bird

natural or planted here?

Parson's family have hard times

typical roadside town

mountain view on one side of road

typical stone beach

swirls in rocks

pawns on the beach?

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 926 K)

360 in stills put together at Parsons Pond pullout

I was one of the first people to leave the campground - I didn't have to worry about hooking up a car or going to the dump station. I just had to figure out where to stop and that wasn't so hard. I had figured out that my odometer was at 98% of what the mileage markers are in the trip log so I write in the new figures before I leave each campground. My gps works up here also and most of the campgrounds are listed.

My first stop was past the town of Port aux Choix (Port of Choice) which was 10 miles off the beaten path. There was a big tour bus at the entrance but I fit in a space in the upper tier of parking. I visited the Port aux Choix National Heritage Site and spent some quality time in the visitor center seeing the exhibits and then viewing the video that described the discovery that 4 distinct peoples lived in this area. They were the Maritime Archaic, the Dorset and Groswater Paleoeskimo, and the ancestors of the recent Indians called Beothuk.

When I came out of the theater, I saw Evelyn who had just arrived with Shirley. Evelyn was able to fit in behind me with her Class C and Shirley was in the regular parking area with her Pleasure Way. While they were looking around, I went for a walk on a limestone barrens trail that had old juniper trees that were less than a foot high and some flowers that only live here! At the junction of another trail, I turned back because otherwise I needed to walk another couple of hours.

When I got back, L.T. and Tobin were just arriving, so I knew I was near the tail end of the caravan. I ate lunch and continued on, stopping for gas before reaching Rte 430 again. I was then traveling along, minding my own business when I saw a chocolate colored bull moose on the left side of the road! It raised its head as I went by so I could see the rack on him. I was excited because now I saw a moose in Canada!

There was another pull out just past the town of Parsons Pond where I had to stop and enjoy the views all around. There's not much traffic here, so it was nice to see things without people or traffic noise interfering with nature.

I came to the road leading to the campground about 3:30 or so and knew that the Gros Morne visitor center was only 2 miles further down the road, so I went there first. that way, I don't have to depend on getting a ride with someone else and I could spend as much time as I wanted looking at the exhibits and finding out about the hikes in this huge park. I was the last arrival in the campground at about 4:30!

We had a social at 6 PM and then I went into town with the wagon masters and tail gunners to have dinner. We found a restaurant and got seated right away but it still took a couple of hours to get meals. Here, we found out that today is Sue & Dan's 53rd anniversary! Ted sneakily went up and paid for all our meals and even Linda had to leave the tip for me because I had expected to pay with a credit card and was hoping not to have to get more Canadian money before the end of the trip! I will get them back for this soon!

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