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Ship in the harbor

Snowy owl

Adorable Red fox

Angry looking lynx

How many do you need for a fur coat

Kissing the moose

Steve missed

Black fox

Stunning scenary

The next day we woke up in Skagway. Skagway is a beautiful port. We had a late afternoon excursion scheduled so we decided to take a tour of Skagway. We hopped aboard a bright yellow sight seeing bus from 1920's. The tour guide was dressed in clothing from the era and her narration depicted the town from the advent of the gold rush. Much more interesting than walking the tourist shops in town. Although we did stop at a few shops after the tour. We learned about a very bad man from Creed, Colorado that was one of the first scam artists in Alaska. Being from Colorado we were made to hang our heads in shame. Took a shot of the cruise ship from a lookout outside of town.

Our afternoon excursion took us to the city of Haines. We ride a ferry through one of the deepest and longest fjords in North America. It is called the Chilkoot Inket but it is really a fjord. What a beautiful area. Tall rugged mountains towering over the water. Amazing. From Haines we took a bus to the Kroschel Wildlife Refuge. The refuge is owned and operated by the "Dr. Dolittle of Alaska". Steve Kroschel is well known for his film work with animals. He has worked with Disney and National Geographic. What a strange character. Doesn't believe in wearing shoes. That is another story.

He had the usual abandoned animals and some very unusual ones. There was a snowy owl, a red fox, a black fox, a wolverine, minks, a lynx, porcupine, bear, wolf and the star of the show: Karen the moose. We got to kiss the moose. I had the scraf around my head and ears because we had our first encounter with Alaska's famed mosquitoes. Quite nasty large pests.

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