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Reading the map. F grade

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The day of getting lost. Ken always planned our trips and googled so he knows what to take and how it should look. Apparently I like to wing it. Not good idea when no English signs or people who know that language. I was expecting a little.... found train station and took the 6. Ok when we reached the final stop realized we went wrong direction. So back I think 1 hour Kaylin says 2 hours. Then get to Eiffel Tower. Just follow crowds and all good. This look for tour bus. Again a good exercise and see lots and eventually give up and get on wrong bus. Ok. That was ok as it had English recording so took that 2 hour tour.

Rather cool out. Rains in and out but not freezing

Enjoyed the scenery and cafes as we went. Very expensive

We had a night tour planned and again got lost. Over 2 hours and then missed it. Many calls for help and asking but language barrier. Finally a tour guide who helped. We took a Taxi to the water where tour guide gave us tickets and let us go on another boat. Then at 10pm she was at Eiffel Tower and made sure we got in and up. This tour at night was a highlight for Kaylin. The weather cleared and views were awesome

Though lost we remember how lucky we still were to say "we are lost in Paris".

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