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Monument in downtown

Ready for a walk

Silly boy!!

Sassy girl!

Sage Park on Campus

Snoozing on the bed

Wanting to sit all by herself

Getting ready for bed

Always putting fist in mouth!

Statue downtown

Funky stores

Cool sidewalk hopscotch

Buggy ride

Restaurant testing

Ready to get out!

Hold me!

Sage Park in campus


Trying hard to sit up

Good morning! We slept pretty good last night for our first night in the carriage house! It is really nice out so mom and dad decided to take us on a nice walk after we ate! We loaded up in the double stroller and took a walk into town to see all the shops! Downtown is pretty cute but small. We hope this is a good sale for mom and dad. After walking around we went to Target to get a few things and mom was in heaven. She said she wished it was closer lol

After Target we came back and unloaded our things and walked back downtown to have a little dinner at Bootleggers Bar & Grill. We sat outside because it was so nice out. Mom and dad met a couple and the lady was from Minnesota. She used to word for NW airlines: and her husband was originally from troy so they visit once a year. Mom and dad had what looked really good to be a pesto chicken sandwich and a lemonade for dinner. They said it was really good!

After dinner we walked back to the house, got settled and off to bed we go. Night night!!

Temp 83 sunny

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